Republican Candidate Chris Christie Dropping Out of 2024 Presidential Race – American Faith

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he would be dropping out of the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday.

The decision comes after Christie spent months criticizing former President Donald Trump and trying to convince voters to elect another candidate.

Prior to the announcement, he could be heard on a hot mic criticizing GOP candidate Nikki Haley while talking to someone.

“She’s gonna get smoked,” he says. “You and I both know it, she’s not up to this.”

Christie claimed the rest of the candidates were not playing to win, but playing to not “offend” and ignore the problems in the country.

“I’ve said from the beginning, that if I didn’t see a path to winning, that I would get out,” Christie said. “I got plenty of titles. The only reason to do this is to win.”

“How do you beat somebody if you won’t say why they don’t belong being president?” Christie continued, referring to Haley. “She says he’s fit to be president, and here’s the worst part – she knows it.” 

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