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For years, especially during the Cold War, Hungary looked to America as an example of freedom, but now it might be time for the U.S. to take notes from Hungary, according to Shea Bradley-Farrell. 

Bradley-Farrell, president of the Counterpoint Institute for Policy, Research and Education, recently spent several months in Hungary doing research for her new book. While in the European nation formerly controlled by the then-Soviet Union, Bradley-Farrell says she found herself often having a similar conversation with Hungarians. 

“Hungarians told me over and over, ‘the rhetoric coming out of the United States reminds us of our Soviet era,’” Bradley-Farrell recalled. “And the more I dug into that, the more that I realized that the things that we’re dealing with here and the so-called progressive agenda, the woke agenda, the Biden administration, they’re directly out of the playbook of communism,” she says. 

As a deeply religious and freedom-loving nation, Hungary — which came out from under Soviet oppression in 1991 — has long looked to America as a “light on a … hill,” Bradley-Farrell says. But Hungary is not a model for America because “America and our Constitution, our founding, is the model for the world,” she says.

However, “our Hungarian friends, the people that care about us, are saying, ‘Hey, your rhetoric is communist. You guys need to wake up, because you’re about to lose what we loved about you.’”

In her new book, “Last Warning to the West: Hungary’s Triumph Over Communism and the Woke Agenda,” Bradley-Farrell outlines a road map for how America can change course and learn from our friends in Hungary at this moment in history. 

Bradley-Farrell joins The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss the book and share the stories of the conversations she had in Hungary.

Listen to the podcast below: 

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