5 Signs You Desperately Need a Break From Social Media

At first, you will likely feel uncomfortable when you shut down the apps you are almost robotically attuned to opening. You may feel the twinge of dissonance that you are no longer feeding your brain with constant entertainment, videos, and content that it has also come to expect. These feelings are natural, but remember there was a time before you had social media, and you functioned quite well. If nothing else, take it as an experiment that by giving your mind time to reset and renew, you will take with you something refreshing that you’ve been craving for a long time but could only access by putting down social media. Social media is not the enemy, but as with anything in this world, the Enemy can manipulate and use facets of life for his own agenda, but he does not have to win. Invite God into the process of taking a break and see what He might have for you to gain during this time and what He might have for you to experience.

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Have you ever chosen a word for the year? Whether you pick a word each year or never have before, I think this episode will help you order your life in the year to come. If you don’t know what your word is, today might be a great day for you to hear some of the things that we are promised in Christ that you in faith can claim for yourself for 2024. Keep in mind, each of these words requires faith.

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