Arctic Cold, Ice and Snow Sweep US as Death Toll Rises from Severe Winter Weather

Another round of bitter cold is settling on much of the United States, from the central part of the nation into the east. And the death toll from the winter weather rose overnight, while winter warnings are putting millions on high alert. 

From coast to coast, around 30 people have lost their lives because of severe winter conditions. 

Parts of the Northwest face heavy snow and ice. In Portland, Oregon, three people died after a power line fell onto their car. Authorities believe the victims were electrocuted after they got out of their vehicle. Only a toddler survived the incident.

The National Weather Service reports more freezing rain could return to the Pacific Northwest Thursday and Friday. 
Across the country in Scranton, Pennsylvania, more tragedy unfolded. A box truck struck and killed five women from the same family on Interstate 81 after they got out of their car following a separate crash.
The Midwest is enduring brutally cold weather. Commuters are powering through frigid temperatures in the single digits. In some states, the temps are 35 degrees below average.

“It’s a splintering cold where it feels like, almost like you have like pins or needles pricking you,” explained commuter Karen Holmes.

In the Northeast, residents are dealing with their share of snow. 

“Exhausting. It’s exhausting, but neighbors are taking care of each other,” one resident shared.

From the Central Plains and Midwest to the South, more cities face a second round of snow, with more expected to fall on the East Coast on Friday.

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