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(LifeSiteNews) –– The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos event is underway in Switzerland, and the world is watching to see what the mix of elected and unelected oligarchs of the New World Order will say. Among the group of petty tyrants is none other than Canada’s pint-sized ditactrix Chrystia Freeland. She appeared on stage for a panel discussion about how to recover the global economy vis-a-vis trade and investment.

For those who fancy themselves as gluttons for punishment and have literally nothing better to do, they can watch the whole discussion on the National Post YouTube page.

As is always the case, most of the conversation centered on ethereal ideas about hypothetical scenarios — all very urgent and pressing and which require zillions of dollars from multinational conglomerates to accomplish — as the panelists waxed philosophically about economic realities.

Out of the almost 50-minute session, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance — a woman who has a degree in literature and not finance — Chrystia Freeland spoke for about five minutes near the middle of the discussion.

She began her remarks by defining Canada as “an open economy” that she described proudly as the only G7 nation with a comprehensive trade deal with all other G7 nations. After her preamble about how much she believes in trade and how much she loves believing in trade, she got into the heart of her mini-speech.

It is COVID’s fault

Freeland said that there are “two dominant” forces that dictate the world economy in 2024. The first, she said, is a “focus on supply chain resilience” which she described as hurt by the “shock that we all experience during COVID,” when things were “shut down.”

She lamented the frailty of the supply chain at present which she said is much different than when she came into office in 2015, but seemed ignorant how the problem of a fledgling supply chain in Canada may have something to do with her and her government’s own blunders. It is quite amazing how a politicians can tell you that things have gotten worse since they have been in office and then proceed to blame something else — COVID in this case — for their own blunders.

Freeland is miffed that COVID hurt supply chains… Well the last time I checked, a flu bug did not require anyone to shut down borders or industry. In fact, it was not a biological virus that did that, but instead the virus of Liberal politics.

The Canadian government was the one to make entrance into the country essentially impossible. It was the Canadian government that instituted ridiculous rules in federal workplaces — transport and import services are federal — that ensured nothing came in or out without a comprehensive forensic investigation to see if anything that had ever been around a sneeze had ever come into contact with it.

Containers of goods did not sit in ports for endless amounts of time because they tested positive for COVID or because the containers refused to get vaccinated. But, federal transport personnel were hamstrung by tyrannical measures that made their jobs impossible.

We aren’t more than two minutes into her speech and yet we find Freeland has made an utter fool of herself.

It is Russia’s fault

Now, it is not just COVID’s fault that the economy has been hurt, and it certainly isn’t her government’s fault, because the second force at work is the big bad boogie man from the Kremlin. This is not to condone Russia’s actions or to make any comment on them at all, really. But, Freeland, with her oversized Ukraine ribbon pinned to her lapel couldn’t help but pile on Russia.

She said that Europe was too dependent on Russia due to their “illegal invasion of Ukraine.” Again, without lending any support to Russia, it does seem to me that she is playing with words a bit. An invasion cannot be “legal” in any strict sense, as of course when a nation begins a war with another nation it is obvious that the laws of the invaded nation are not complied with. Is there a “legal” way to invade someone? Do nations ever sign agreements and amend their legal codes to allow for “legal invasions.” It is worth harping on this because the implication in her remark is that Russia has broken the law as she understands it, and therefore it must be illegal.

Also, it would only be “illegal” in an strict sense if there were a world government which had the authority to say so… Well, that is likely exactly what she wants.

Think of the implication of what she said by describing Europe as dependent on Russia. Why was Europe dependent on Russia if Russia is such a volatile state that cannot be trusted? It seems to me that it was not wise for an entire continent to rely so heavily on a country with antithetical geopolitical principles, which is the fault of the nations and not Russia.

New industrial revolution

Parroting the talking points of the WEF progenitor Klaus Schwab, Freeland described the present international “moment” as comparable to the “Industrial Revolution,” and said, “We need to retool all of our manufacturing.”

I’m sorry, what? Who says that we need to change the way we do all of our manufacturing? Did all the people who work in manufacturing forget how to manufacture? Did all the machines in manufacturing plants break?

Well, we know why she said this. She said this because what she really means is that Canada must go green and stop using pesky carbon.

She stated: “Canada is absolutely determined that decarbonization for us, will mean more jobs, more growth, more manufacturing and we recognize, government needs to play a role to make that happen.”

Let us break that down for a moment.

When she says that Canada is absolutely determined to commit to “decarbonization,” that means that she wants to take away your red meat, your diesel trucks, your reliable heating in your home, and your general way of life. Also, you as a person expel a lot of carbon — not nearly as much as political wind bags like herself expel — and I bet there won’t be a slowdown in euthanasia and abortion in Canada so long as you are a living and breathing carbon footprint.

Furthermore, when she says there will be “more jobs” this means nothing. Will these be good jobs? Will they replace other jobs, or add to them? Will they even be in Canada?

She mentioned that Canada has significant deposits of minerals  that are needed for “green” batteries. Does this mean the Liberal government will embark on a massive mining endeavor? Not very “green” to blow up the ground and take all the goodies out of it, is it?

In addition, much or most of the mining that produces the global supply of minerals for batteries is done in third world nations where wages are quite low. Clearly these wages will not suffice in a Canadian economy, as surely the mines’ workers will be unionized or at least have to compete with unionized labor in order to be competitive.

This means that if Canada takes a massive role in mining for a complete transition to “green” products, that those products will necessarily go up in price significantly. Add to the fact that Freeland quipped that “government needs to play a role to make that happen,” and you can bet your electric car — that doesn’t work in Alberta when it is -50 — that the Liberals will do their best to make sure your minivan is phased out and eventually made illegal.

So, if we read between the lines, Freeland has shown the hand of the Canadian government, which will likely phase out whole industries, blow to bits the Canadian landscape, and make your car and home heating unaffordable… all to save the economy — which was destroyed by COVID and Russia  — and the world, which is too hot because of you.

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