Faith and Democracy | Authoritarianism Gains Ground with Project 2025

The Interfaith Caucus of North Carolina Democrats held a “Faith and Democracy” event in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week. Good Faith Media was invited to provide coverage for the event, with numerous local and national leaders discussing the importance of political engagement and the dangers of Christian nationalism.

Chairman of the Caucus, Rev. Paul McAlister, told GFM: “Faith and democracy affect all of us. This conversation is intended to deal with a whole corpus of ideas to help us reckon with in a responsible way how we treat each other, how we practice our faith, how we live together, and how we elect those that govern us.”

The conference was held at Watershed Church in Charlotte. There were 100-140 participants, with another 50 joining virtually. While conveners hoped for a better turnout, the discussion remained lively and poignant.  

Leaders, speakers and participants agreed that 2024 is a pivotal year for faith and democracy.  With the rise and popularity of authoritarian theology and politics, communities concerned about the survival of democracy need to communicate and collaborate.

Helms Jarrell, Organizing Pastor of Beloved Community Church and Co-Director of QC Family Tree, both in Charlotte, told the crowd, “Embodying the common good can compel people” to have a change of heart and mind.  

Conference participants hope Jarrell is correct.  Not since the rise of fascism in Europe and America before World War II has democracy faced such a terrifying threat.

Katherine Stewart, author of “

CEO of Good Faith Media.

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