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Michael Gasparro is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California. He trained for four years under Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. in Reintegrative Therapy, an evidence-based approach shown to treat trauma memories and trigger spontaneous shifts in clients’ sexual feelings as a result.

Michael says likely factors to the development of same sex attraction include exposure to pornography, abuse, and molestation.

He explains that around age two, boys shift their primary attachment from mom to a father figure, ideally dad. This helps them internalize and accept that they are like dad and their sister is like mom. They then intellectually and emotionally develop a sense of identity as a boy.

If that doesn’t happen, or if negative encounters with males happen instead, when the boy hits puberty, sexual feelings can become confused due to an insecure sense of male identity.

“There is a combination of factors that can especially exacerbate this for the sensitive child,” Michael says.

“Healthy psychosexual development leads to sexual maturity, and a sexual mature person’s feelings and desires are in line with their biological reality … If they’re not, then we explore possible factors that we would call ‘relational traumas.’”

“Either the presence of bad things that happened or the absence of good, important things that should have happened that didn’t, may have contributed to the disruption or interruption of the normal sexual developmental process.”

“Reintegrative Therapy seeks not to try to change any feelings or even try to change behaviors, but rather explore potential origins related to traumas or neglect. When addressing those using evidence-based psychotherapeutic talk therapy methods … feelings may shift as a result.”

Learn why sexual arousal is harmful for the emotional development of children and how Trauma Reprocessing Methods help reduce shame for what happened to them as a child by watching the full interview on Locals. You can watch the first part of the interview on YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee.

Pope Francis is Spot-on About Surrogacy

By Jennifer Roback Morse January 11, 2024 at National Catholic Register.

Pope Francis shook the world on Monday when he called for an international ban on gestational surrogacy.

In his annual audience with the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, he called surrogacy “deplorable,” and a “grave violation of the dignity of the woman and the child.” I thank him for this clear and correct statement.

I have written frequently about surrogacy. I have interviewed several experts on the subject, including Katy Faust, Jennifer Lahl and Stephanie Gray Conners. This article from 2016, “Why Everyone Should Oppose Surrogacy,” summarizes my views: Surrogacy has something to offend everyone.

Pro-woman reasons to oppose surrogacy include the very things that Pope Francis mentioned: its objectification of women and the broken bonds between the gestational mother and the child. In addition, I would add that surrogate mothers have fewer rights than mothers placing their babies for adoption.

The law surrounding adoption recognizes that women bond with their babies during pregnancy. Women cannot fully anticipate how they will really feel once their baby is born. Even women determined to release their child for adoption, even women who have signed contracts, sometimes change their minds after the baby has been placed in her arms. The law recognizes this reality: A mother is generally allowed a period of time during which she can change her mind and keep the baby.

Is it unimaginable that surrogate mothers might likewise attach to the child? Is it good public policy to insist on her hardening her heart, so she can fulfill the terms of her contract? The law surrounding surrogacy denies the reality that women normally and naturally form emotional attachments with their babies. Denying surrogate mothers the right to change their minds is, quite simply, inhuman.

Pro-life reasons: Every surrogacy procedure creates tiny human beings. The “extra” embryos that are aborted or frozen indefinitely are just as human as the ones selected for life.

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Has Pope Francis Changed Catholic Church Teaching?

By Jennifer Roback Morse, Christian Post Op-Ed Contributor Monday, January 15, 2024

My friends at the Christian Post have asked for my insights, as a faithful Roman Catholic, regarding the recent Vatican document Fiducia Supplicans. I am honored to be asked. The Vatican’s recent actions have caused tremendous confusion. All of us who are committed to traditional Christian sexual morality must keep our wits about us if we are to navigate this mess.

The Sexual Revolution is intrinsically seductive. The Revolution claims that people can have all the sex they want, under any circumstances they want, and nothing bad will happen. Lots of people would like to believe this, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Sexual Revolution has corrupted every authority structure in the West: political, educational, academic, all the professions, and yes, pretty much all the major religious structures.

I remember what the Episcopalians went through when their leadership insisted on ordaining homosexually active men and even consecrating an openly gay man as bishop. The denomination split. In many cases, the most traditional members lost their church property. Many placed themselves under the authority of African bishops. I thought to myself, “our brothers and sisters are in agony.”

Now, it is our turn to suffer.

Sola Scriptura has not protected you from the ravages of the Sexual Revolution. Papal infallibility has not protected us. I conclude that unless a person or institution specifically and intentionally resists the Sexual Revolution, it will sweep you away.

Some Catholics are taking comfort from the idea that the doctrine reaffirms important points of Christian teaching. And that is technically correct. But no one needed a new 5,000-word document to reaffirm things that could have been stated in less than 100 words.

The remaining 4,900 words were weasel words. The weasel words are the point of the document. In my opinion, this document is psychological warfare, a psy op, one more psychological operation in an ongoing campaign to disarm opposition to the Sexual Revolution.

Let me be as clear as I possibly can about how Catholics understand themselves and their church.

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