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As countless leaders preach globalism and big government at Davos, the new president of Argentina took the stage there to condemn socialism.

From Breitbart. Argentine President Javier Milei delivered an address fiercely condemning socialism at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, rejecting the “radical feminist” and “environmental”  agendas fueled by socialism as well.

Who is praying on the wall?

Milei urged world leaders to embrace capitalism as an alternative.

Milei, a libertarian economist, explained in a roughly 20-minute speech how socialism ultimately leads to poverty, how the state “is not the solution,” but rather “the problem itself,” and how leftism has co-opted Western government institutions to further its agendas. Wednesday’s speech was Milei’s first international address since taking office in December.

“I am here today to tell you that the West is in danger. It is in danger because those who are supposed to uphold the values of the West find themselves co-opted by a worldview that inexorably leads to socialism, and consequently, to poverty,” Milei said in the opening of his speech. …

Milei continued by recounting how Argentina, after having become a world power in 1860, had seen itself become impoverished over the past 100 years by embracing collectivist ideas.

“They say that capitalism is bad because it is individualistic and that collectivism is good because it is altruistic, and consequently they strive for ‘social justice.’ Milei said. “But this concept, which in the first world has become fashionable in the last decade, has been a constant in my country’s political discourse for more than 80 years.” …

Milei continued his address by stating that the world is at its best today thanks to capitalism.

“There has never been, in all of human history, a time of greater prosperity than the one we live in today,” Milei said. “The world today is freer, richer, more peaceful, and more prosperous than at any other time in our history.” …

Milei also condemned socialism for fueling a “ridiculous fight between men and women” through feminist movements.

“Libertarianism already establishes equality between the sexes, we all have the same rights, rights granted by the Creator,” Milei said. …

Milei also criticized socialism for sparking the fight of “man against nature” through climate change activism and organizations.

“They [socialists] maintain that human beings damage the planet and that it must be protected at all costs, even going so far as to advocate for population control mechanisms or the bloody agenda of abortion,” he added. “These harmful ideas have strongly permeated society.”

Milei explained that the left was able to achieve its goals “thanks to the appropriation of the media, culture, universities and international organizations. This last case is the most serious because they have influence on political decisions.” …

Milei concluded by issuing a message to businessmen — both those attending the WEF summit in Davos, and those elsewhere — to not let themselves be intimidated by the state, denouncing the state not as the solution, but as the “problem.” …

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Vox España – Flickr, CC0, Wikimedia Commons)

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