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(LifeSiteNews) — In news unreported by mainstream media, German farmers have mounted a “strategic blockade” of distribution warehouses in an escalation of protests which began last November – and now threaten to undermine Germany’s globalist government. 

Huge nationwide protests on January 8 saw international border crossings blocked, and the German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck trapped by one flash protest on a ferry. Demonstrations continued, with chants of “the government must go” resounding from the crowd. 

Following a huge protest which paralyzed the capital city of Berlin on Monday, the action has moved to another level: a blockade of supermarket and Amazon distribution centers, supply lines, cutting national supply lines and piling pressure on a government mired in a crisis of its own making. 

According to The Conservative Treehouse“Western media are avoiding all reporting on the events because they do not want to fuel public awareness.” 

Systematic pushback against the globalist agenda

The analysis from the above article is simple: these protests are not about diesel subsidies, as the mainstream media have reported. 

“We are not standing here today just because of the agricultural diesel cuts,” Theresa Schmidt, head of a young farmers’ association, told the Berlin rally on Monday.   

“In recent years and decades, we have been beaten endlessly — more and more requirements, tighter rules and restrictions.” 

Far from being simply a call for subsidies, the protests are the result of widespread discontent with the direction of Germany under the current coalition. 

They are symptomatic of a growing spirit of resistance, born of exasperation with years of globalist policies. As The Conservative Treehouse article states:

If the German farm protests are successful, it will be a major victory for the larger EU middle and working-class who support them.

The assembly of government interests represented by Germany, Brussels and the corporations in the World Economic Forum (the Build Back Better group) are essentially all targets of these protests even though the protests are happening in one nation.   

This is a systemic pushback against the entire globalist agenda.

It is a pushback which enjoys vast popular support, with one recent poll showing 81 percent of the public sympathetic to the farmers. Despite this, repeated attempts have been made to frame the protests as “far right” and “extremist.”


This label has done nothing to dent public support for the farmers, which did not suffer when empty shelves resulted from their action.  

The attempt to marginalize and isolate a vast movement of rebellion against this deeply unpopular government is understandable. After all, it has recently refused to rule out criminalizing the leading opposition party which stands for the farmers. 

A rejection of the ‘wrong policies’  

With recent polling showing its support at 23 percent, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) says it sees the protest as one result of the years of  “wrong policies” from Germany’s coalition government.  

The parties of government have slumped in the polls, with the closest – the Socialist SPD – eight points behind. The Greens are faring even worse, at 13 percent back.   

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been reluctant to appear in public as his government faces national rail strikes and a deepening economic crisis. Whilst Scholz restricted himself to a video appearance – in which he repeated the “extremist” slur, the German Finance Minister Christian Lindner told farmers “there is no more money” for them. 

The question asked by one AfD politician was simple: where has all the money gone? 

The German Vice Chancellor Habeck replied, “The answer lies in the fact we have decided to support Ukraine.” 

In a German language video posted yesterday, the AfD’s Steffan Kotre pressed Habeck on when the crisis caused by the “wrong policies” of Habeck’s government would end. 

There was no further answer beyond a renewed commitment to funding Ukraine. 

Kotre said in conclusion to his audience, “As you have heard yourself, our money has simply disappeared into one of the most corrupt states”. 

He adds, “It is being squandered on the killing fields of a war which everyone knows cannot be won.”  

“This money would be better spent in Germany. We want our farmers, our local industry, and that’s the policy of the AfD,” he concludes. 

The legacy of lockdown – and other globalist schemes 

The financial cost of supporting Ukraine with cash, tanks and other weapons is but one dimension of the catastrophe caused by a government whose policies amount to national suicide.  

The Green/Red/Yellow “traffic light” government of Scholz and Habeck borrowed heavily to finance lockdowns – leaving a massive hole in the German budget. 

They borrowed 65 billion euros in “emergency funding,” which allowed them to bypass German laws against adding massive debt to any budget. 

But they did not spend the money on the non-existent covid “emergency”  but on creating one. 

They used the funds to implement the WEF-backed Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. This move was ruled unlawful by the highest German court in November 2023, seeing Habeck’s own budget struck down as “unconstitutional” – and leading to further crisis. 

These green initiatives included shutting down all of Germany’s nuclear power plants and other cheap generators, funding windmill projects and other “sustainable development goals.”

This in turn led to higher energy costs, and pressure on industry, damaging the economy and driving inflation – a situation which worsened with sanctions on Russia and the sabotage of their strategic gas supply through the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines.  

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 A criminal act, long desired by U.S. President Joe Biden and Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the destruction of Germany’s gas pipelines to Russia was first suggested by current Secretary of State Antony Blinken in 1987. 

In failing to press for any meaningful investigation, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been complicit in the terrorist sabotage of the prosperity of his own nation. 

“If Russia invades – there will no longer be a NordStream – we will put an end to it,” said Biden, speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Feb 7, 2022  .

German industry is closing down due to an energy crisis created by “green” and globalist policies. This threatens to destroy the “engine room” of the economy of Europe, as German industry has been described. It is now the worst performing major developed economy in the world. 

With mass migration soaring, the pro-LGBT, pro-abortion left-green regime is under serious threat – from its own people. 

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Similar measures have been seen in the United States with the use of lawfare against Donald Trump, described by the former president as a “witch hunt” designed to prevent the most popular candidate from standing for office. 

With the framing of the most popular movement in Germany to emerge in years as a threat to democracy, and attempts to criminalize an opposition party with soaring support, the witch hunt in Germany is one led by the government against its own people.   

This desperate regime is resorting to propaganda, media blackout and perhaps even lawfare to maintain its tenuous grip on power.   

Looking at the numbers, it seems to be failing. The people are winning in Germany. They are with the farmers’ movement and against the policies of national suicide which the globalist government has pushed for years. With another farmer protest reported in neighboring Austria, it seems the habit of resistance is catching on, despite the best efforts of the regime media to suppress it. 

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