New York Governor Provides $2.4 Billion for Illegal Immigrants – American Faith

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has added millions of dollars to the 2025 fiscal year plan to combat illegal immigration.

Now, the state has $2.4 billion set aside for illegal immigrants, up $500 million from its original $1.9 billion allocation.

In total, New York’s budget is $233 billion.

“The city is the home of untold new arrivals each and every day and the governor is not going to leave the city hanging,” Blake Washington, the state’s budget director, told The New York Post. “We’re sort of meeting the problem where it is, not what we’d like it to be.”

Hochul announced the plan in an address, saying, “We’re going to continue focusing on securing work authorization, and put the migrants and asylum workers to work. Put them to work. That’s exactly what they came here for.”

“We will continue our commitment to assist New York City in sheltering migrants, and keep the conversation about housing, which I began one year ago, to the front and center,” Hochul added. All this can and must be accomplished without raising income taxes on New Yorkers any further so we can slow down the outmigration that has resulted in the loss of 6 billion dollars in tax receipts this year alone.”

Earlier this month, buses dropped off illegal immigrants at train stations in New Jersey in an attempt to bypass an order stating that migrants cannot be dropped off in New York City.

As of December 31, ten buses that departed from Texas and Louisiana have arrived at New Jersey train stations.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced in an executive order that bus drivers must give the city a 32-hour notice of arrival.

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