Rep. Chris Smith praises pro-life pregnancy centers as ‘oasis of compassion’ at 2024 March for Life – LifeSite

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) –– America’s pro-life pregnancy resource centers have a friend in New Jersey’s U.S. Congressman Chris Smith.    

Speaking at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. today, Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) said, “There are more than 2,700 pregnancy resource centers throughout the United States—each and every one of them an oasis of love, compassion, empathy, respect, and care for both mothers and their children.”  

Smith noted that a Marist national poll, released yesterday (January 18), found that 83 percent of Americans support these pregnancy resource centers. This includes 75 percent of Democrats who responded.  

The congressman enumerated some of the nation’s recent pro-life political successes. Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade returned the abortion question to the states of the American union, almost half of them have worked to protect at least some unborn human beings.   

“At least twenty-five states now have statutes that are either in effect or are being litigated to protect life,” Smith said, adding that while his state of New Jersey is “one of the bad ones” that allows abortion until “birth,” he and his fellow New Jersey pro-lifers won’t be giving up.

Smith also pointed out that there has been hard work in Washington D.C. to oppose the radical pro-abortion regime of the Biden administration. 

“This week under our great Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership, two new important pro-life bills authored by two courageous lawmakers—Michelle Fischbach and Ashley Hinson—passed the House,” Smith related.

The first bill—H.R 6918, SupportingPregnant and Parenting Women and Families Act—ensures that pregnancy resource centers cannot be excluded or restricted from receiving TANF funding as proposed in a rule by the president.

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson’s bill, H.R. 6914, the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act, was designed to protect young women in secondary education from pressure to abort their children. Smith said that the proposed legislation requires colleges and universities to communicate and distribute information informing pregnant students of their rights, accommodations, and resources available to them.” 

Smith lamented the efforts of the “Abortion President,” Joe Biden, and his administration to clamp down on resource pregnancy centers and force the allowance of abortion up until birth. 

“Last Congress—and President Biden’s absolute support was for this—House Democrats passed this not once, but twice—legislation to enable and authorize abortion up until the moment of birth.”

“Think of it—all nine months and that baby can be killed,” he continued.  “And that’s Biden’s view.”  

Smith hammered Biden and those in his administration who are hellbent on destroying protections for babies and their vulnerable mothers, taking particular issue with their smearing and misrepresenting of the good work of pregnancy recourse centers, something he said, like abortion-on-demand up until birth, cannot be allowed to happen.

“We will never, never, never, with the grace of God, never quit in our defense of the weakest and most vulnerable,” he concluded.

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