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(LifeSiteNews) –– The World Economic Forum had high hopes for itself. Its location, inspired by the Magic Mountain of Thomas Mann, was the perfect setting for Klaus Schwab to host the leading fantasists of the world in furtherance of their occult-inspired project for global domination. 

From its beginnings, initiated by the dark eminence of Henry Kissinger, the Forum grew from a fringe club of shady state-level actors to an annual showcase of world leaders. Drawn to the promises of permanent power offered by the Great Reset, and enchanted by the unscientific nonsense of the climate cult, the WEF was the place to be for the global elite.  

It has now become little more than a gallery of second-rate grotesques. What began as a project by the U.S. Deep State to secure U.S. hegemony in Europe is reduced to a series of photo opportunities for the delegates of a dying regime.  

No major world leaders were present at Davos this year. With a cast of second-tier performers desperate for attention, this year’s WEF is leavened only by the appearance of Javier Milei. 

His break with the program of the usual suspects overshadowed both Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and EU Chief Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen’s in their bids for continuing relevance. 

How did it come to this? 

From Deep State to delusion 

Klaus Schwab is credited with the founding of the WEF, but according to Professor Mikko Paunio, who has dedicated 30 years of research into the subject, “Schwab founded his organization on the recommendation of Henry Kissinger, the economic Nobel laureate John Kenneth Galbraith and the real Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn, in 1971.” 

The Deep State origins of the WEF, intended by the CIA as a vehicle for U.S. dominance of Europe, is documented here by John Vedmore. 

So what kind of agenda would be used in this domination? Kissinger’s Malthusian depopulation plans informed a “sustainable development” strategy itself informed by the Club of Rome, whose founder, the occultist Aurelio Peccei, gave the keynote speech at the second World Economic Forum in 1973. The economist J.K. Galbraith gave the first, in 1972, lending his credibility to Schwab’s new CIA-backed venture, which began with a Harvard course run by Herman Kahn, “the real Dr. Strangelove.”

Kahn envisioned a technological dictatorship of an elite trained to rule a “unified American and European superstate.” Despite Kahn’s rejection of the doomsaying prophecies of the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth,” Schwab used Kahn’s future predictions as the blueprint for his own model of the technocratic future. 

The Limits to Growth was the Club of Rome’s headline book of 1972, which gained international attention for its prediction of a future apocalypse created by human overpopulation. The Kissinger Report NSSM 200 in 1974 led to the U.S. declaring efforts to limit the world population a matter of U.S. national security the following year. 

In its dire warnings of a leaderless human race starving to death Schwab saw an opportunity. He could brand his organization as a savior of humanity. His adoption of “sustainable” goals helped him to create what Paunio calls a “Dangerous religious cult” – of nature pantheist fantasists, who specialize in disguising their fantasies as facts.  

A 1960s blueprint for the future 

Taking Kahn’s techno-futurist blueprints as his model, Schwab sought to create a future ruling elite to run a globalized managerial system which would effectively replace national sovereignty.  

These “future leaders” would be trained to rule in the interests the people – of course – who could naturally never be trusted to make the best decisions for themselves. That role would fall to the “crackpots” identified by Paunio, whose esoteric nature pantheism fused a deeply personal vanity with an occult tradition Paunio traces back to 19th century occultist Madame Blavatsky. 

These would be joined by power-hungry fantasists, mainly the leaders of the Western global system, whose thirty year unipolar moment seemed to affirm the predictions of Kahn and Schwab in a U.S.-led unilateralism ripe for transition to globalist governance. 

It is the fall of this system – by means of the same practices of fantasy as fact – that has rendered the WEF increasingly irrelevant.  

The ABC of the WEF 

Schwab is applying a manual written by Herman Kahn in the 1960s to a world moving beyond the Pax Americana. Schwab’s “rinse and repeat” recycling is typical of a stuck culture whose ideology is exhausted. It is a strange irony that his futurist platform – with no new ideas –  has nowhere to go but back to the past. 

Schwab’s entire programme is a re-release of deep state hits from the 1960s. As Vedmore showed,  Herman Kahn’s predictions for the year 2000 are remarkably similar to Schwab’s own manifesto. 

The masquerade on the Magic Mountain  

Of all the masks in this masquerade, that of Antony Blinken was perhaps the most telling. His personal decline, and the reasons he wears it so visibly, are intertwined with the fading relevance of the WEF itself. 

Blinken’s face betrays his fortune. From the youthful chiseled looks of his State Department bio, he now resembles the “before” picture in an advert for hemorrhoid cream. 

He has hitched the wagon of his entire career to a global system which is rapidly falling apart. Fitting that he should be the headline act of another dystopian project in terminal decline. 

Blinken’s thesis in 1987 was one of the founding documents of the post-Soviet U.S. Empire.  

Yet decades of regime change have not brought global supremacy via military force, but a dramatic end to a period of U.S. power characterized by the collision of fantasy with the hard limits of reality. 

Back to the past for the WEF 

The same policies championed by the WEF, of “green nonsense masquerading as science” as Paunio notes, of trans-human delusions and the reframing of human population and the agriculture which feeds it as some sort of crime against the planet have contributed to the decline of the U.S.-led global system. 

Schwab’s chief promoter of techno-futurism, Yuval Noah Harari, is not even a scientist himself. A historian, his ceaseless promotion of a post-human future where humans are fused by machines is just his story – a fable which flatters the goals of a master who has run out of ideas. 

The WEF can be seen as the eye of a storm of make belief that is the entire New World Order, whose believers ended up convincing only themselves. U.S. foreign policy has been based on a fantasy of supreme global power for thirty years, leaving its “young leaders” and old ones equally incapable of realistic diplomacy. 

Reality itself is now routinely dismissed as enemy or extremist propaganda in a mainstream media whose business making belief in a system where reason is treason, vice is virtue and where free speech is a danger to democracy. Popular politicians and policies are criminalized and under state persecution in the US and in Germany, in a process which amounts to the defense of “democracy” by destroying it. 

The hidden architects of the U.S. empire designed the WEF to inherit a structure that is dissolving. Schwab’s ideas, borrowed from Herman Kahn, are intended to be grafted onto a world that no longer exists. 

With the passing of the global ambitions of the U.S. empire, it looks like Schwab’s brave new world may remain where it belongs: in the feverish imaginations of crackpots like himself. 

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