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(LifeSiteNews) — Do you know how you’re never supposed to raise the issues of the Nazis, yet the comparison is so perfect when it comes to abortion? You think you want to use that all the time, but you can’t, because in today’s political climate you’re just not allowed? Well, there is one area in which it’s still very usable. And that’s in comedy.

My guest on today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is Nicholas De Santo, who considers himself the world’s only pro-life comedian. If you haven’t yet read LifeSiteNews’ exclusive report on De Santo and his comedy, click here to do so.

Growing up in Iran and attending the University of Bologna in Italy, De Santo says he has experienced both an “Islamist theocratic dictatorship” and life in a city known as the “stronghold of the Italian left.” His personal familiarity with oppressive environments and ideologies formed in him an interest in “politics and current affairs,” and although he respects comics whose acts focus on “mundane topics,” that’s just not who De Santo is.

When I ask him why he has gravitated toward a pro-life comedic act, De Santo replies that he was struck by all the women “celebrating” the results of a referendum that ended Ireland’s nationwide abortion ban in May 2018. Around that time, he recalls, he was an “absolute beginner” at stand-up comedy but tried some pro-life jokes at a couple of clubs. When those clubs shut down his act, he became “even more eager to examine this area because you need to experiment, you need to push the boundaries, and satire, by definition, is speaking truth to power.”

In this case, De Santo rightly recognized that pro-abortion feminists “have the dominant narrative,” and he sees it as his “responsibility to challenge that narrative.”

One of the more provocative ways he challenges it is by comparing the pro-abortion position to Nazism. He explains, “If Nazis were bad for [killing] so-called ‘defective’ unborn babies or fetuses because they would have been a burden on the war machine … how come [it’s not bad to terminate] a pregnancy where the baby is in most cases perfectly healthy or is going to be healthy, and you are just doing it out of sheer convenience … to keep going out with friends or colleagues for drinks, or do Peloton? So that’s the contrast I’m trying to create and to joke about.”

De Santo is a cheerful fighter in the culture war against the woke left. In fact, he believes comedy is “probably our last chance.”

“The situation is so dire and so bleak that you need this sweet pill of comedy to alleviate the pain of facing these issues,” he says. “So you are entertaining people, but you’re also making them aware of what is going on, giving them food for thought, and resisting the dominance and that slow but relentless march of the faithless, globalist lefties into our institutions and into our culture.”

For more from Nicholas De Santo, tune into this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show.

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