Democrat City Frees Illegal Immigrant Suspected of Rape – American Faith

Boston, Massachusetts freed an illegal immigrant suspected of raping a disabled person after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asked that the individual was detained.

The illegal, from Haiti, first entered the United States in Brownsville, Texas in Dec. 2022, where he was ordered to appear before a judge in Boston.

Police arrested the illegal in September 2023 for rape and assault and battery on a developmentally disabled person.

“[Enforcement and Removal Operations] Boston lodged an immigration detainer against the Haitian citizen, but the Dorchester District Court chose not to honor it and released him from jail after his arrest on the sexual assault-related charges,” a press release from ICE said. “The court did not honor the immigration detainer, and the noncitizen was ultimately released from the jail in Boston, where he had been held since his arrest.”

ICE detained the illegal on January 9th, noting that “he will remain in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody pending an upcoming hearing before a DOJ immigration judge” and that following the adjudication, “ERO Boston will seek his removal from the United States.”

The border crisis and mass immigration are set to become main issues of the presidential election, with public opinion polls finding that over 60% of those surveyed do not approve of President Joe Biden’s leadership over the border.

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