Is the Global Climate Agenda Unstoppable? – Intercessors for America

Davos speakers such as former U.S. Secretary of State and Senator John Kerry believe that no politician will be able to stop the globalist climate agenda.

From PJ Media. As Lincoln Brown reported for PJ Media yesterday, John Kerry massively expanded his carbon footprint to journey to Davos for a luxury getaway in order to lecture the peasants, as Avi Yemeni puts it, on their own carbon footprint.

Who is praying on the wall?

At a Davos speaking engagement, Kerry had the following to say regarding the intersection of democracy and Climate Change™: …

If the duly elected president’s directives don’t matter at all regarding Climate Change™ policy, who or what does? And whence does that entity justifiably derive its authority?

WEF acolyte and Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes at Davos issued similar fatwas against anyone standing in the way of the forced de-industrialization of society for the sake of, allegedly, the Earth.

Via TIME (emphasis added): …

It will also be crucial not to allow new forms of denial to take hold. … Scientists will have to work with climate activists to block the spread of such misleading narratives.

“Scientists” and “climate activists” are euphemisms here for unelected government bureaucrats leaning on and threatening social media companies like X to get them to censor whatever counter-narratives the rabble offers up to Climate Change™.

What do you think of the climate agenda? Will politicians be able to stop it, or is it truly up to the Lord? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from PJ Media. Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Dhaka from Bangladesh)

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