Pentagon to Iran: No ‘Regional Conflict’ – Intercessors for America

According to the Pentagon, our nation is seeking to avoid direct conflict with Iran at all costs.

From Breitbart. The Pentagon said Thursday that its message to Iran — who is funding proxy attacks against U.S. forces and military and commercial ships in the Middle East — is that the United States does not seek a regional conflict.

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Asked by a reporter at a press briefing what the Pentagon’s message to Iran is, Deputy Defense Press Secretary Sabrina Singh responded:

I think our message has been very clear from the beginning. … We don’t want to see a regional conflict, and we certainly don’t want what’s happening in Gaza to spill out into a larger regional or wider-scale war. …

She added, however, that the United States was “meeting those words with actions.”

She noted recent U.S. strikes against the Houthis, who she said are being supplied weapons by Iran to attack American and global commercial vessels in the Red Sea. …

“So we are we are being very public with our message to Iran, and we want these — we certainly want these attacks to stop, not only on our forces — on our forces in Iraq and Syria, but our forces in the Red Sea and commercial shipping,” she said. …

Is this the right response to Iran’s increasing attacks? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: U.S. Secretary of Defense)

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