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With fierce determination, the people of New Hampshire have held onto their first-in-the-nation primary status. Despite historic attempts by other states to move us out of our primary status, New Hampshire maintains this proud distinction.

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New Hampshire state law says: “The presidential primary election shall be held on the second Tuesday in March or on a date selected by the secretary of state which is seven days or more immediately preceding the date on which any other state shall hold a similar election, whichever is earlier.” 

New Hampshire has closely guarded its first-primary status through this provision. The state has held the first primary in each presidential campaign since 1920.  

Why Does It Matter?

The New Hampshire primary has been a proving ground for presidential candidates since 1952. Candidates who perform poorly in the New Hampshire primary often drop out of the race, while candidates who do well in New Hampshire gain media attention and access to campaign funding. Granite Staters (citizens of New Hampshire) take this responsibility very seriously!

Trouble Brewing

Karen Testerman, chairman of the Merrimack County Republican Committee, is sounding the alarm concerning our 2024 primary. Why? “The New Hampshire law is clear where it states the first Wednesday in June as the cut-off date for changing one’s party affiliation,” Testerman says. “This was ignored by the secretary of state’s office and unlawfully changed to October 6, adding four months to the cut-off date.”

So, What’s the Problem?

Testerman goes on to say: “In 2024, the National Democratic Party chose not to participate in the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire where it is the law that New Hampshire’s presidential primary will be scheduled one week prior to any other state primary. Subsequently, in September alone, according to the secretary of state’s website, 3,542 registered Democrats changed their registration to ‘Undeclared.’

“There are those undeclared voters who look at the qualifications of the candidates and choose to vote in one party or another. There are also those undeclared voters who want their preferred candidate to face a weaker opponent, so they will choose to participate in a primary to impact the choice for the potentially weaker nominee.” 

It is with much prayer and great anticipation that New Hampshire’s intercessors look to next Tuesday, Jan. 23. Please keep us in prayer as we trust God for His perfect will for New Hampshire and the nation. 

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