Tens of Thousands of Pro-Life Supporters Attended the 51st Annual March for Life

Tens of thousands of pro-life supporters attended the 51st Annual March For Life in Washington, D.C., last weekend as they made their voices heard on behalf of the unborn.

She also called for the pro-life movement to gather in states where abortions are legal, such as California, which she said was the worst in the nation.

‘I’ve been really sad to see states like California embrace what could even be considered abortion tourism – inviting and paying for women to come to their state to get abortions,’ Mancini said.

 ‘And allowing abortions way beyond even what Roe even allowed.’

She also pointed out that Mississippi and Texas are the most pro-life states.

The event, in which demonstrators marched from the National Mall toward the U.S. Capitol, featured several guest speakers, including  Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, University of Michigan Football Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, and more. Some attendees debated whether presidential candidates, such as Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, were more pro-life.

‘I believe in President Trump,” Jazzi from Toledo, Ohio, said.

‘He has been the most pro-life president. I know some of the comments he made were controversial, but I think his actions speak louder even than his words sometimes, as crazy as they can be,’ she continued.

Meanwhile, attendee Noah told the outlet, ‘I would say DeSantis, now, he’s unlikable, but his policies are good.’

According to CBS News, abortion is one of the top issues in this year’s presidential election.

“Nobody has done more in that regard. (But) I happen to be for the exceptions, like Ronald Reagan, with the life of the mother, rape, incest. I just have to be there, I feel,” Trump recently said at a Fox News Town Hall. 

Meanwhile, DeSantis and Nikki Haley have said that they would favor a national abortion ban, but Haley noted that such a ban would not pass through Congress. Haley also called for Republicans to stop demonizing abortion. 

“The Democrats put fear in women on abortion, and Republicans have used judgment,” Haley said last week. “This is too personal of an issue to put fear or judgment. Our goal should be ‘How do we save as many babies as possible and support as many moms as possible?'” 

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, told CBS News that her organization would support Republican candidates on a federal level who call for abortion restrictions after the third month of pregnancy.

“It’s really just to show a sign of strength, perseverance, sacrifice for the human rights cause that the pro-life movement is all about this year, (with a) particular focus on the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, said.


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