Illegal Immigrants Dressed in Camouflage Seen in Arizona Desert 70 Miles From Border – American Faith

Fox News Reporter Bill Melugin obtained video footage over the weekend showing a group of illegal aliens dressed in camouflage walking through a remote part of the Arizona desert 70 miles inland from the border.

The remote area, known as Gila Bend, is approximately 70 miles from the southern border.

“A contact who was hunting in the hills near Gila Bend, AZ today sent me this video of a group of illegal immigrants all dressed in camouflage moving through the brush,” Melugin said.

“Gila Bend is more than *70 miles* inland from the AZ border. They were deep into AZ without apprehension. He reported it to Border Patrol. Unknown if they were later caught. This is about an hour southwest of Phoenix.”

The Fox News reporter has been covering the border crisis since President Biden stepped into office, and claimed that this is what “gotaways” allegedly looks like.

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