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(LifeSiteNews) — One of the stars of the new pro-life documentary Roe Canada: The True North in a Post-Roe World is calling on all pro-lifers to join the fight, whatever the personal cost.

In an exclusive interview, Josie Luetke, the Director of Education and Advocacy for Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), told LifeSiteNews that she will get pushback for being a part of the documentary but that she had accepted long ago that there would be consequences for doing any pro-life work in Canada.

“I think I do have cause to worry, but I had cause to worry years and years ago when I was first getting involved in the pro-life movement,” she said. “It definitely is something that I considered at the time. I realized that I probably can never get a position in the public school system, for instance.”

After many years of activism, Luetke’s beliefs are easy to find for any potential employer. Her internet footprint would certainly bar her from several career paths.

“You google my name and my opinions on topics like abortion and euthanasia and other controversial issues are very clear. I realized that this is going to prevent me from perusing certain opportunities in life,” she acknowledged.

Luetke said that Roe Canada was designed for people faced with a similar dilemma when they decide how involved in the pro-life movement they want to be.

“I think … the message of the film is that we can’t let ourselves be limited by these fears,” she declared. “There is so much more at stake here. Ultimately, if we want to see change and we want to see progress, we have to willing to make sacrifices.”

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When asked if she wanted to be a part of the film, Luetke said she was hesitant at first but not out of fear of public opinion.

“[Co-star Ruth Robert] agreed right away; I needed some time to pray and think about it because I do not feel like I’m … a natural on camera by any means.”

Despite this, Luetke conducted several filmed interviews that gave poignant testimonies and important perspectives on Canada’s political landscape. Not the least of them was a talk with former abortion clinic director turned pro-life activist, Abby Johnson.

“The courage that [Johnson] had to not only leave the abortion industry but then to admit to all of her wrongdoing and use her story to help bring others to Christ and to life and to light is very powerful,” she said.

Luetke also had high praise for Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon.

“[Dillon] is extraordinarily well versed and really knows the arguments well and doesn’t water down his position to make it more popular.”

Her favorite interview, however, was with Jim Hughes, the president emeritus of CLC and is well known in Canadian pro-life circles.

“I’ve known Jim for almost a decade now, and he is the father of the Canadian pro-life movement,” Luetke said. “Being able to sit down with one of my mentors … He’s mentored so many other pro-lifers, so that was very special to me.”

With all the remarkable cinematography and powerful interviews, Luetke is hoping one message will get through to the audience: join the fight, even it means sacrifice.

“If we don’t get involved, how much worse is it going to be? We’re never going to see change. I don’t think that you can live your life governed by those fears. The pro-life cause is beautiful in the sense that, yes, it asks a lot from you, but I think there are very few causes that are as rewarding as it is.

Luetke emphasized that even though the battle is not always easy, it has its rewards.

“There are people who’s greatest achievement in life is being able pull a child out from the street and save their life. Firefighters and paramedics … we uphold in our society, and we commend them for their work that they do to save lives. And we have that same opportunity in the pro-life movement.”

For Luetke the decision to join the movement and fight for it was unquestionably the right choice.

“It doesn’t matter what comes from standing for life,” she said. “I wouldn’t regret it.”

Dunn Media is still fundraising to cover the budget of Roe Canada. Those interested can find the documentary at

Dunn Media is working on bringing the film to all Canadian audiences, and Roe Canada will soon be  available in French. There is also a shorter version that omits scenes with abortion victim photography for classroom settings which can be found in the public screening section here.

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