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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon lays out the case for why he thinks violence in online pornography could be a contributing factor to the rise in girls who “identify” as boys.

He begins the show considering the possibility that the porn one consumes can lead to the development of sexual proclivities one will exhibit in life – something an employee of Pornhub admitted to influencing in an undercover investigation late last year. However, Jonathon posits that society will see an increase of girls “identifying” as male in the future because of violent porn.

Jonathon argues this possibility based on studies showing the violence prevalent in pornography as well as its ubiquity and the belief among the young that porn is a realistic depiction of sex. He also notes the rise in sexual violence against women during sex, especially among the young. And while people generally think in terms of “stories,” pornography is a “very potent story” with the message that men are to be sexually aggressive in acts of sexual violence once considered “assault” but which are now “considered increasingly normal” in a dating landscape “shaped” by porn.

“Sexual violence has become normative not just for adults copycatting digital porn and sexual entertainment such as 50 Shades of Grey, but for minors and for children as well,” observes Jonathon. “Much of the sexual violence that occurs in our society is now simply part of the way men and women, and boys and girls, treat each other. And much of this behavior now takes place in the ever-growing gray zone between consent, crime, and coercion.”

Looking at the question “What is a woman?” in the context of violent porn and the rise in choking among Gen Z, Jonathon says that it is “not difficult” to see why young girls would see their “femininity as a net negative, something likely to make them the target of unwanted sexual attention and abuse.”

“I’ve been speaking on the issue of pornography for over 10 years now, and I can attest to the fact that many, many girls are terrified of what they see in pornography, because in the videos they encounter women are virtually always subjected to grotesque maltreatment and even frequently torture,” he notes. “As this pervasive digital rape culture has bled into their reality, it makes sense that some girls would react to these new sexual expectations by simply rejecting the female identity.”

“I do think that as more research comes out, we’re going to see increasingly that young girls are also deciding to reject femininity because of what our culture tells them femininity is all about,” Jonathon continues. “One of the answers to the question of ‘Why are so many girls rejecting being girls?’ is certainly the perverse and vile answer our ‘adult entertainment’ gives to the question ‘What is a woman?’ The answer that our culture is giving to the question ‘What is a woman?’ is a truly horrifying one, and it is something that we need very much to wake up to.”

While recognizing that the public discourse on pornography is changing, which he has discussed on the podcast before, he maintains that the change in public recognition of porn’s dangers is not “fast enough.”

“We have to recognize collectively and culturally that the impact of pornography is such that it’s simply time to make pornography illegal,” says Jonathon, maintaining that in the United States, Canada, and many European countries, the laws for such a ban are already in place, but what is required is the willpower and “proper interpretation” to do so.

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