Are Open Doors Coming for the Church in 2024?

According to Shawn Bolz, for many, 2024 will be about more than just making resolutions and then getting stuck in the same cycle that they’ve found themselves in year-after-year.

“God is going to be revealing things that it wasn’t time for you to see until now, and you’re going to look at him and go, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so perfect God, you’re so perfect that you’re going to use imperfect people to do some pretty amazing things,'” Bolz said in his 2024 prophetic word.

So, what kinds of things will be revealed?

“I saw a huge door open like, wide open, in a dark space,” Bolz shared. “Many of us have been waiting for a certain door, and it’s the main door that God’s prepared for you, that some of you have been being prepared for decades, some of you have been being prepared for years for something that you know is in your future. And some of you might even be tired, like ‘is this ever going to come?’ but God is opening a door…”

The new year means a new season, a new time of growth, of deliverance, discipleship, opportunities and much more. However, instead of this being just a short window of time that fails when we attempt to make things happen in our own human efforts, it is God who is opening the doors that no man can open and shutting the doors that no man can shut.

“2024, I believe, is going to be a year of divine alignment,” Bolz shares. “It is like walking a tight rope right now. Many of you can feel that there’s this alignment that happens though because you’re doing that; so much that’s happening around you can be confusing and so listening takes extra effort because there’s things that are happening in politics and the economy. There’s things that are happening in church circles that’s so confusing and God speaking to you sometimes it feels the opposite of what practical wisdom would say God’s asking you to do.”

One of the most encouraging parts of this prophetic word isn’t just how God is opening up doors for people with new things, but how this year for many Christians is a year to return back to church and once again feel at home.

“I believe that God’s going to restore a lot of Christians’ confidence in ministry and church where maybe there’s been shakings over movements, over leaders, failures and over people making some really bad choices with their movements…I believe we’re going to see a re-stabilization of Christians’ faith even what God’s doing in ministries and churches. There’s new things emerging that are going to put people’s faith and confidence, bring it back when it comes to organized church,” reveals Bolz.

To unveil new and remarkable opportunities, what better door exists than the one leading to fellowship and community for the believer? As we see the fullness of God bringing new things to life this year, let us not forget that it is Him, and Him alone, who is doing this great, marvelous work for glory of His kingdom.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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