Biden Temporarily Pauses Exports on Natural Gas – American Faith

The Biden administration announced that it is temporarily pausing decisions for pending and future applications for the exportation of liquified natural gas (LNG).

Biden said the move was to combat climate change.

“In every corner of the country and the world, people are suffering the devastating toll of climate change. Historic hurricanes and floods wiping out homes, businesses, and houses of worship. Wildfires destroying whole neighborhoods and forcing families to leave their communities behind. Record temperatures affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, especially the most vulnerable,” reads a statement from the White House.

“From Day One, my Administration has set the United States on an unprecedented course to tackle the climate crisis at home and abroad – securing the largest climate investment in the history of the world, unlocking clean energy breakthroughs that will power a clean economy and create thousands of jobs, advancing environmental justice for all, and rallying world leaders to transition away from the fossil fuels that jeopardize our planet and our people.”

The statement added that the Biden administration has put a “temporary pause on pending decisions of Liquefied Natural Gas exports – with the exception of unanticipated and immediate national security emergencies. During this period, we will take a hard look at the impacts of LNG exports on energy costs, America’s energy security, and our environment. This pause on new LNG approvals sees the climate crisis for what it is: the existential threat of our time.”

Biden then said that “MAGA Republicans willfully deny the urgency of the climate crisis.”

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told reporters, according to Fox News, “As our exports increase, we must review export applications using the most comprehensive up-to-date analysis of the economic, environmental and national security considerations. This action includes a pause on pending applications for exports of U.S. natural gas as LNG to non-free trade agreement countries until the department can update the underlying analyses for authorizations.”

“The U.S. is committed to affordable energy and economic opportunities for all Americans. We are committed to strengthening energy security here in the U.S. and with our allies,” Granholm said. “And we’re committed to protecting Americans against climate change as we lead the world into a clean energy future.”

California Rep. David Valadao said of the administration’s effort, “President Biden’s decision to pause LNG export permits further puts America’s energy security at risk. When we produce energy here, we do it cleaner and safer than anywhere in the world. @POTUS is putting extreme environmentalists & our adversaries over hardworking Americans.”

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