Isaiah Saldivar and Bill Wiese on the Reality of Hell

If you’ve ever questioned the reality of hell’s torment and the agony experienced there, Bill Wiese has seen the actual pain and suffering of what hell is like after his horrifying encounter.

Wiese shared that this event was so incredibly intolerable as the heat was beyond the point where anything could live. His body lost all strength as he encountered demons that were beyond disgusting. The reptilian creatures blasphemed and cursed God, clenching into his flesh and throwing him into a prison cell. Even more, all light was taken out from the room because without God, there is no light. The only thing that exists is darkness.

“God withdrew His light, it resumed His normal state of absolute pitch black darkness,” Wiese said. “But Lamentations 3:6 says he has set me in dark places as they that be dead of old. I was taken out of this prison cell, I was placed over next to this large raging pit of fire…it was not a metaphorical fire, it was real flames,” Wiese shared.

“There is no tolerable, comfortable level in hell,” Wiese warned. “Any level is far worse than your mind can even conceive.”

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