The White Christian Nationalist Zombie and the Second Methodist Civil War

The four-and-a-half-year war is finally over.

No, I don’t mean the American Civil War, which, culturally speaking, has never ended. Instead, I am referring to the latest civil war among Methodists. 

The first Methodist Civil War lasted from 1844-45. Short but momentous, the conflict ended with Methodist congregations of the South choosing the enslavement of Black people over human freedom, splitting from freedom-minded sister congregations of the North. During the American Civil War that followed not long after that, southern Methodists shed their blood in a failed effort to continue enslaving and brutalizing Black people in perpetuity.

Methodists remained divided between North and South for roughly the next hundred years. They finally, but only partially, reunited in 1968 as the biracial United Methodist Church (UMC). 

In reality, many racist southern Methodists, not wanting Black people in their midst, remained disgruntled. Within the UMC, a

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