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NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) — Nayib Bukele, the popular pro-life president of El Salvador, delivered a rousing speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, touching on globalism, George Soros, crime and the American financial system.

Coming on stage to a roaring crowd, Bukele, who recently won re-election in El Salvador with a whopping 84% of the vote, took immediate aim at “globalism,” remarking that in El Salvador “it’s already dead.”

Bukele, who was first elected in 2019 and has become famous for bringing crime rates to record lows in his once gang-ridden country, warned Americans that much like what happened in El Salvador in the 1960s and 1970s, “dark forces” are “taking over your country.”

He said that the reason El Salvador ended up becoming the “murder capital of the world” was that the people were not equipped to understand just how radically their society was changing because it happened over a period of decades, one increment at a time.

Bukele likened this to boiling a frog, saying that if you keep turning up the heat and slowly boil the frog, it won’t realize what is happening until it is too late. The Latin American president urged Americans not to despair, however, as “you can still jump before the water boils.”

Briefly explaining the situation in El Salvador in the last few decades, which saw murder rates skyrocket and a 12-year-long communist-inspired civil war break out, Bukele explained that he can “clearly see the signs of a declining” when he looks at America because his own country “hit rock bottom decades ago.”

Bukele explained that even after the civil war, gang culture became a rampant “disease that had begun with mild symptoms, got worse and worse, and became a cancer that seemed incurable.”

Bukele pointed to major Democratic-run cities like Baltimore where similar events are taking place and “crime and drugs have become the daily norm.” He also mentioned the fentanyl epidemic and asked the crowd if 10 years ago they could have predicted how destructive that drug would become in American society.

The president explained that when it came to fixing the problem in his homeland, the “bare minimum” he had to achieve was ridding his nation of the title “murder capital of the world.”

Bukele outlined that it wasn’t just a matter of arresting criminals and gang members but also of removing “corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys and corrupt prosecutors.”

“They were setting the gang members free,” Bukele said, adding it “wasn’t just the gangs,” it was the entire “corrupt system” working hand-in-hand with the “international community, the NGOs.”

Pointing to one of the more infamous globalist actors, George Soros, whose Open Societies Foundation is known to back soft-on-crime district attorneys in Democrat-run cities, Bukele remarked to the crowd, “Who elected [George] Soros to dictate public policy and laws? Why does he feel entitled to impose his agenda?”

“Soros and his cronies hit a brick wall in El Salvador,” Bukele exclaimed. “Thank God and all glory be to Him, El Salvadorians are now immune to his influence.”

Bukele, who received just over half the vote in 2019, championed that his anti-globalists policies have not only worked to turn El Salvador into the safest country in the Western hemisphere but also sway the opinion of his countrymen.

Bukele explained that in the most recent election his party won “54 seats out of 60, 57 if we count our allies.”

“The people of El Salvador have woken up, and so can you,” he continued. “The global elites, they hate our success, and they fear yours. The people’s free will to choose their leaders is something they despise because they cannot control it.”

Bukele outlined that globalists like Soros don’t just back district attorneys but manipulate public opinion through institutional control of media and political campaigns, and that Americans must “fight” against it with all their “heart and soul.”

Lastly, Bukele touched upon the American financial system and the debt crisis, warning those in attendance that if the course is not corrected calamity is imminent.

The president explained that while it may seem like tax dollars are used to fund the government, it is actually financed by debt through the creation of Treasury bonds, which he called “paper.”

“And who buys the Treasury bounds?” Bukele asked. “Mostly the Fed,” he replied to himself, referring to the U.S. Federal Reserve. “And how does the Fed buy them?” he again asked. By “printing” them, he quipped.

“So basically, you finance the government by printing money out of thin air,” he stated, asserting that the reason Americans pay “high taxes” is not to fund the government, which is heavily indebted, but to “uphold the illusion that you are funding the government.”

“The government is funding [itself] by money printing … paper backed with paper, a bubble that will inevitably burst,” he forecasted, warning that in such a case “confidence in your currency would be lost, the dollar would fall and Western civilization with it.”

Ending on a higher note, Bukele reiterated that it is not too late for America, saluting the crowd and asking for God to bless those in attendance, all of America and his native El Salvador.

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