Google’s ‘AI Responsibility’ Leader Committed to ‘Anti-Racism’ – American Faith

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh revealed that Google’s “AI Responsibility” founder actively called for “anti-racism” in the project.

In an X thread, Walsh posted Jen Gennai giving a keynote speech from 2021, where she discussed treating “every member of her team ‘the same,’ and expected that would lead to equally good outcomes for everyone.”

After employees approached her saying they did not feel welcome, Gennai said she began to “mitigate against” the “historic systems” that marginalized certain groups, suggesting she may have treated non-white ethnicities differently than white people.

“When we’re trying to be good ‘allies,’ when we’re trying to be ‘antiracists,’ we will make mistakes,” Gennai added.

The information comes as Google’s AI, Gemini, was found to have removed white people from its image generator.

When a user prompted the AI to return photos of historically-white groups, like Vikings, Roman and medieval royalty, the pope, and others, the AI provided diverse images that were not accurate.

Jack Krawczyk, Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management, shared that Google is “working to improve” the depictions.”

“We’re working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately,” Krawczyk said. “Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that’s generally a good thing because people around the world use it. But it’s missing the mark here.”

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