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(LifeSiteNews) — Author and researcher David Sorensen is sounding the alarm against a coordinated effort by big banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the educational system, the mainstream media, telecommunications, and more – all of which are working together to build a globalist New World Order. This is The John-Henry Westen Show.

Sorensen gained viral fame during the COVID lockdowns as his videos shattered the illusion of choice and warned the world that major organizations across a variety of industries are in reality all controlled by the same handful of powerful globalist oligarchs. He doesn’t come at things from a Catholic perspective and has also suggested that the Vatican is behind much of the evil. But the collusion of the current Vatican in a lot of evil makes it difficult to show the reality of the situation.

Let’s pray for David so that he sees through his current misperception of “organized religion” as an enemy and comes to see that Christ’s one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church remains the only answer to defeating evil despite the infiltration the Church suffers today.

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