Scientific Evidence for Noah’s Flood: ‘The Ark and the Darkness’ Hits Top 3 at Box Office

A new film that points to scientific evidence validating the biblical account of Noah’s Flood landed in the #3 slot at the box office when it was in theaters this week.

The Ark and the Darkness” was released nationwide for two days only, March 20 and 21, but it did so well that it’s returning to theaters for an additional day on April 1.

The movie points to the veracity of the biblical account of the global catastrophe, highlighting the facts that prove Noah’s Ark is not just a fun Bible story to share with kids. 

On this week’s episode of CBN’s “The Global Lane”, Christian apologetics expert Dan Biddle pointed out that the best evidence is found in the fossil record, especially fossilized dinosaur bones.

Biddle is the president of Genesis Apologetics and the executive producer of the new film, “The Ark and the Darkness: Unearthing the Mysteries of Noah’s Flood.” 

He agrees with experts who say the flood happened on a global scale because fossilized evidence of sea creatures has been discovered on mountaintops on every continent. 

“Noah’s Flood is real history. God judged the world in the past, and there’s going to be a future judgment coming,” the movie contends.  

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