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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — The Trudeau government paid thousands to a Toronto social media influencer who has since gone on to bash conservatives in a number of profanity-laced TikTok videos.   

According to information published March 18 by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Department of Canadian Heritage paid social media personality Dylan Horner $9,000 to run a promotional campaign for Canada Day 2022.   

“Dylan Horner will be required to come to Ottawa to create content on Canada Day programming,” the 2022 document revealed.  

“Dylan Horner will have special backstage access to produce behind the scenes content but will need to be accompanied by a member of Department of Canadian Heritage staff,” it continued.  

The Toronto-based Tiktoker was the highest paid “social media influencer” hired by the Department of Canadian Heritage in 2022, receiving a total of $9,000 plus expenses for his brief appearance in Ottawa. 

Horner’s expenses included “two round trip train tickets from Toronto to Ottawa with VIA Rail Canada and three nights’ stay in a hotel room at the Delta Ottawa.”  

Since then, Horner has gone on to produce a number of profane videos disparaging conservative government officials.  

In one video captioned “Pierre Poilievre is a bigot,” Horner condemned the Conservative Party leader for opposing puberty blockers for minors.   

@dylan.horner Pierre Poilievre is a bigot #canada #news #trans #foryou ♬ original sound – Dylan

Similarly, Horner bashed Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for her efforts to protect children from being given sterilizing puberty blockers and irreversible “surgeries.” 

“It is always the b****** who look like they would tear up at a Sears’ clearance rack who have their nose in the business of trans youth, always,” he declared.   

@dylan.horner Danielle Smith is a disgrace… #fyp #foryou #canada #alberta ♬ original sound – Dylan


In a 2023 video, he took aim at Ontario Premier Doug Ford, saying, “I am 100 percent convinced we all lose brain cells listening to this man speak.” 

@dylan.horner #stitch with @cp24 literal brain cells lost… #dougford #ontario #cdnpoli #canada ♬ original sound – Dylan

Despite his numerous videos bashing conservatives, and records indicating he was once paid by the Trudeau government, Horner maintains that he is not a “Liberal funded ploy.”  

“The amount of threats and hate that I have received for a brand deal I did 2 years ago has honestly been very jarring and truly just terrifying,” he asserted in an Instagram video.

“The scariest part being somebody can write something that is not true, not fact checked, use unreliable sources, and yet can somehow be perceived as true,” he added. “Thanks to all those who have reached out to see how I’ve been doing (doing much better now).” 

Horner is hardly the only social media influencer to be hired by the Liberal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

According to recently released documents, Canada’s Department of Health paid social media influencers over $680,000 to voice support for federal programs, reportedly including the experimental COVID shot, since 2021. 

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