Principles to Remember in Crisis: God is Sovereign

God provides eternal comfort to us knowing that He saves, sanctified, and guarantees glorification. God uses His control for your good. He actively participates in your life. He knows you and providentially provides for you in the midst of your crisis.

Recently in the first post of this series, we revealed that the Apostle Paul provided two vital steps to persevere in trials or crisis. The first step, in a world with false teachers, false belief systems, and false hope, the Apostle reminds us to stand firm in what we know. The second step is to hold fast the traditions which we have been taught or learned from the Word. We simply identified those steps as: (1) Remember key principles and (2) Obey practical steps to encourage our perseverance. In today’s post we embark on Principles to Remember in Crisis. Today’s principle: God is sovereign.

God Is Sovereign (MARK 4:35-41).

When we teach, “God is sovereign,” we mean, God is in control of the world around us. It is His world. Although God interacts with us in time and space individually and corporately, time and space reside in His control. He is from everlasting to everlasting. God created the world and everything in it. It functions under His control and direction. This includes your crisis or pressures.

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