The Object of God’s Delight

The Apostle John says everything in this world was created through Christ (John 1). With that understanding, picture Him in His “workshop” creating the world. See Him “rejoicing always” before the Father and “rejoicing in the world, His earth.” Then, see Christ creating man, the apex of His creation, in the image of God. You will see Him “having (His) delight in the sons of men.”

I am a pastor, but I am also a shade-tree carpenter, like my grandad and dad before me. I don’t spend much time in my shop now, but when I do, I love to create. The things that I make, as crude as they are compared to real carpenters, are delightful to me.

God’s Joy

Did you know that God delights in what He creates? That it brings Him joy? And that includes you?

In Proverbs, Chapter 8, wisdom is personified. But there can be little question that this is the wisdom coming from God and, many believe, a reference to Christ Himself. Notice His joy and delight…

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