10 Prayers for Victims in Abusive Marriages

When a friend or family member is involved in a dangerous or abusive marriage, it’s scary for everyone. The victim is always walking on eggshells because they don’t know what their abuser will say or do next. It is nerve-wracking for friends and family because they never know what to expect or what may happen to their loved ones. The hardest thing about it all is knowing what to do to help.

It’s easy for those on the outside to encourage the victim to get out. However, for those on the inside, it can be extremely difficult. Things like fear, lack of money, and various other factors can keep a victim in the cycle of abuse. The best thing we can do for our loved ones in these situations is to pray for them. Here are some different ways you and your loved ones can pray about the situation.

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/somethingway

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