Why I Can’t Honk for Jesus

The more we keep from changing, the more we stifle ourselves to stay the same. I feel this deep in my bones most weeks as I attempt to “run” a church.

Now, I know I don’t actually “run” it. I’m downright grateful for that.

I am glad all final decision-making jolts past me like sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson. Still, there are expectations.

These expectations include worship planning, special event coordinating, gathering questions for this month’s Pub Theology, updating the bulletin with my weekly thoughts, sharing reading recommendations to the congregation, staff questions, answering random phone calls from unknown numbers, saying yes to a funeral, and the constant apologizing for emails I never replied to. I plow through board and committee meetings at the frequency of

received his theological education from Campbell University and Wake Forest University School of Divinity. He is an ordained minister affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and enrolled in the doctor of ministry program at McAfee School of Theology. When not spending time with his spouse and daughters, he can be found writing and baking late into the night. He currently resides in New England with his family. His thoughts and reflections are his own.

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