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Did you know that during the summer of 2023, the U.S. Navy sent four destroyers to confront something that was brewing off the coast of Alaska? Little was said about this in the mainstream media, and most Americans were probably unaware that an infiltration was occurring.

Have you taken your place on the wall?

In August 2023,  CBS News reported:

“The U.S. Navy sent destroyers to the coast of Alaska last week after 11 Russian and Chinese warships were spotted patrolling nearby international waters.

“Sen. Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska, called the size of the Chinese and Russian joint operation “unprecedented” and said the U.S. deployed four Navy destroyer ships near the Aleutian Islands in response. 

“The destroyers were the USS John McCain, USS Benfold, USS John Finn and USS Chung-Hoon. U.S. aircraft were also in the area throughout the combined exercise, which the U.S. had been tracking since it began in July, according to U.S. officials. U.S. Coast Guard ships are also always in the area. 

“U.S. Northern Command said the Chinese and Russian patrol remained in international waters and wasn’t considered a threat. But the show of force is a reminder of the cooperation between the Chinese and Russian militaries — and of how close the countries are to Alaska.” (The article is available here.)

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese embassy responded by professing innocence, insisting that the patrol was merely part of an “annual cooperation plan” and “has nothing to do with current international and regional situations.” But perhaps the thing that is most concerning is how “whispered” this entire ordeal is in the mainstream media. It has been months since those ships were spotted near Alaska, and yet little public discourse surrounding any of this has been made known. A search for details of this event in a search engine produced some remarkably low-profile results, most of which were published or written on the very day or week of the event, with nothing but silence thereafter.

It’s not unreasonable to infer that the federal government wanted to keep this event as unnoticed as possible while technically fulfilling its duty of “transparency” to the American public. Even the CBS News article quoted herein, co-written by CBS senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang, was noticeably brief and stark.

ABC News says U.S. officials “declined to provide details on how close the Russian and Chinese ships got to American territory.” (Read that article here.)

Similar concerns have been raised about our borders in Vermont, Montana, and Washington state. We are so often focused on the immigration crisis at our southern border, and rightly so, but let’s not forget to pray also for the security of all our borders, nationwide — especially those that are the most remote.

Lord, raise up Your almighty standard — protect us at all of our borders! And by Your authority we hereby command every wave of terror and darkness in our land: Retreat now, in Jesus’ sovereign name!

Your prayers for our nation’s security are so desperately needed. Share one below.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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