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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a major threat from within his nation’s borders. Some are even claiming that this could topple his government.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.

The Israeli Supreme Court is demanding the immediate conscription of the ultra-orthodox, a religious sect in Israel whose adherents dedicate themselves fully to the study of the Torah and the Talmud. While many ultra-orthodox Jews have joined the Israel Defense Force to fight back against Hamas, the sect as a whole has avoided military service (and caused a great deal of resentment as a result because they avoid military service and depend on support of the state and taxpayers). Now, however, that may change.

The problem stems from the Torah Judaism Party, a party that consists of ultra-orthodox leaders. This party is a crucial part of the coalition that currently makes up Netanyahu’s government. If this draft is to go through, it would likely displease this party, causing a rift and potentially bringing down the government.

The Supreme Court is pushing Netanyahu’s government for a response. The Attorney General has stated that, if no satisfactory response is given, the conscription of ultra-orthodox Jews could begin as soon as April 1.

In this time of war, a collapse could be catastrophic. Pray that God would protect His people and His nation, and that He would give Prime Minister Netanyahu wisdom.

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(Photo Credit: Laura Siegal on Unsplash)

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