Cuba Prohibits Holy Week Marches – American Faith

The Communist Party of Cuba has reportedly banned Christians from participating in Catholic Holy Week activities across several regions.

The prohibitions likely come in response to protests against the communist government, many of which have been led by Catholics.

According to ACI Prensa, processions were banned “due to the regime’s fear that new protests would be unleashed.”

Fray Lester Zayas, a priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish located in Havana’s El Vedado area, wrote on Facebook that the ban on religious processions for Easter is a “violation of religious freedom.”

“I understand that the content of some of my homilies may be uncomfortable, the truth usually is, the Gospel has a force that, like it challenges us all, makes us all uncomfortable, but the pulpit has never been used to engage in politics, in the style of political parties, or how they understand politics because it is not the preacher’s responsibility to do that,” he wrote.

“Yes, it is to read reality from the Gospel, always with the objective of enlightening from faith, educating from the Gospel, denouncing if necessary the work of the evil one, and exhorting the practice of virtue. Always with the objective of ensuring that reality is illuminated by the force of the Saving Word of God in whom we believe. If someone has wanted to see something else in my homilies, whether from the inside or the outside, their vision is neither correct nor well-intentioned.”

Human rights organization Prisoners Defenders condemned the banning of Catholic processions.

“Cuba overwhelmingly represses religious freedom. This is indicated by five mandates (Rapporteurships and Working Groups) of the [United Nations], the latest resolution of the [European Parliament] and organizations such as the [Commission for International Religious Freedom of the United States].”

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