Archbishop Viganò blasts claim that Francis voted for Pope Benedict at 2005 conclave – LifeSite

Editor’s note: The following is the full statement published by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in response to Pope Francis claiming in a forthcoming book-length interview that he voted for Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (who became Pope Benedict XVI) in the 2005 conclave following John Paul II’s death. 

(LifeSiteNews) — Yet another flattering interview-book El Sucesòr: Mis recuerdos de Benedicto XVI (The successor: My memories of Benedict) reports Bergoglio’s false and misleading utterances that Ratzinger was his “candidate” for the 2005 Conclave.

It is clear that Bergoglio’s purpose is not to reveal news that is moreover indemonstrable, but rather to clumsily “prove” his own extraneousness to the maneuvers of the St. Gallen Mafia, perhaps in anticipation of future leaks.

The Argentine Jesuit would have us believe that he was never aware of the subversive plans of the “deep church,” brought to fruition at the 2013 Conclave precisely with the rigged election of Bergoglio.

We learn from this book that the secrecy of the Conclave can be violated by one of the Cardinals who took part in it: this leaves us to hope that other Cardinals – witnesses of far more serious events, so serious that they confirm the invalidity of the election – will finally decide to open their mouths and reveal what they witnessed, without using secrecy as an alibi behind which to hide a fraud that is now evident.

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