Jenner Claims Biden Threatens Religion, Referencing Easter Egg Controversy – American Faith

Caitlyn Jenner accused President Joe Biden of attempting to undermine religion this week. Jenner made the claim during an interview on Fox News on Monday, where she discussed President Biden’s acknowledgment of the Transgender Day of Visibility, which coincided with Easter this year.

While Jenner expressed acceptance of the Transgender Day of Visibility, she criticized President Biden for issuing a proclamation about it, suggesting he should have remained silent. “President Biden never should have done it,” Jenner said. “To be honest with you, if he just said nothing, it would’ve been fine.”

She accused the left of seeking to manipulate the media and accused President Biden of disrespecting religious people, despite his professed faith. Jenner then referenced the story about the removal of religious symbols from Easter eggs at the White House, claiming it was evidence of President Biden’s efforts to undermine religion.

However, it should be noted that the American Egg Board clarified that the guideline prohibiting religious symbols on Easter eggs had been in place for 45 years, spanning multiple administrations, including those of both Democratic and Republican presidents.

White House Deputy Assistant Elizabeth Alexander also refuted Jenner’s claim, emphasizing that the guideline had been consistent across administrations.

President Biden faced criticism from some quarters for observing the Transgender Day of Visibility on the same day as Easter, although the date for the transgender holiday has been fixed since 2009, while Easter varies each year based on the lunar calendar.

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