Kanye West Goes into Adult Entertainment After Leaving Faith

The rumors have been confirmed that Kanye West is going into the adult entertainment business following his departure from the Christian faith.

As the Independent noted, the rapper shared a video on X that announced his “Yeezy Porn” was on the way.

Following this announcement, a former adult film star turned Christian, Brittni De La Mora is pleading that West remember his time when he declared that Jesus is king.

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“Kanye, this is not the way to go and forth,” La Mora says. “It’s just like addiction. You recognize that it’s bad and then all of a sudden you go right back to it. Only a dog returns to its vomit.”

This reference goes back to West’s comments from 2019 when he confessed to having a pornography addiction.

“Kanye, if you want to follow Jesus, follow Jesus,” La Mora says. “Don’t go backwards. The darkness has nothing to offer you. You are going to further open the door to the demonic and you are going to regret this decision.”

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Kanye’s new venture comes in the midst of his recent assertion that a life with Jesus didn’t turn out for him the way he wanted. Instead, Kanye is now moving full steam ahead toward being his own god.

“I’m god, and anyone to disagree, I’m the god of me,” West says. “And you can’t tell me who I am…I’m the god of me.”

West also said that during his time of trying to walk out a Christian life, he didn’t see Jesus in his life the way he hoped to.

“There’s a lot of stuff I went through that I prayed, and I didn’t see Jesus show up,” West says.

During this tumultuous time in West’s life as he grapples with faith, addiction and fame, this is the perfect time for Christians to pray for him. Let us pray that West’s eyes would be opened up to the truth of the gospel instead of being pulled in by the lures of darkness. No one, including Kanye, is too far out of God’s reach.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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