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The Georgia secretary of state’s office has discovered procedural irregularities in Fulton County’s 2020 presidential election recount. This news, announced at a Georgia State Election Board meeting, is a crucial reminder of the need for transparent and accurate election processes.

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Charlene McGowan, general counsel for the secretary of state’s office, confirmed that Fulton County used improper procedures during the 2020 presidential contest recount. This admission underscores the need for continuous improvement and rigorous scrutiny of our election systems to ensure their integrity.

The investigation was triggered by a complaint lodged in July 2022, alleging the inappropriate count of nearly 18,000 ballots. The investigation revealed duplicate and missing ballot images, raising serious questions about the accuracy of the recount and the need for robust safeguards.

In response to these findings, the State Election Board issued a reprimand to Fulton County and assigned a monitor for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. This is a step towards ensuring future elections are conducted with the highest standards of accuracy and fairness.

Fulton County’s representative, Jessica Corbitt, stated that there was no evidence of fraud and that the county is focusing on improving its election procedures and infrastructure. While this is a commendable effort, it is essential that these improvements are implemented effectively and transparently to restore public confidence in our election systems.

As intercessors, we must continue to hold our election officials accountable. The findings from the Fulton County investigation serve as a reminder that our work is far from over. We must remain vigilant and committed to ensuring that every vote is counted accurately and that our election systems are beyond reproach.

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