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Welcome back for Al’s Afternoon Tea, our chance to stop, sip and savor some of the latest news.

What we’re not serving is cicadas — no matter how much the New York Times wants us to dine on what they’re calling “the lobsters of the trees.”

Biden Admits He’s Stopping Weapons Shipments to Israel If It Invades Rafah

Israel is in a fight for its life against an enemy that is bent on its extermination. This fight is now focusing on the Rafah area of Gaza. However, with President Joe Biden fighting for his political life and at risk of losing Muslim-heavy Minnesota and Michigan, to say nothing of having to deal with screeching, bloodthirsty radicals every time he steps out in public, he told CNN last night that if Israel invades Rafah, he will stop supplying the IDF with bombs, artillery shells, and other offensive weapons — military aid approved by Congress to help Israel wipe out a terrorist organization. (Congress impeached Trump for allegedly holding up authorized military aid to Ukraine.)

This is not the first time Biden has threatened to cut off aid to Israel. Aviva Klompas, the former head of speechwriting for Israel’s delegation to the UN, recounts on X an incident from 1982 when Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and issued a similar threat to then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Begin slapped Biden down. 

It’s important to remember another aspect of the backdrop here: Hamas is still holding five Americans hostage … assuming they are still alive.

Afghan Boondoggle Aftermath: Taliban Reaffirms Commitment to Stoning Women

Meanwhile, on the topic of Biden’s foreign policy acumen, what’s the latest from Afghanistan? (The place he haphazardly pulled our troops from, leaving the Taliban to waltz back into power with the ease of Fred and Ginger.) News surfaced yesterday on both liberal and conservative media outlets that the Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada affirmed that those – particularly women – caught in adultery will be stoned to death.

In a message broadcast March 24, Akhundzada said, “You may call it a violation of women’s rights when we publicly stone or flog them for committing adultery because they conflict with your democratic principles… [But] I represent Allah, and you represent Satan.”

Who exactly is a threat to women? The people who protect the unborn or the people who not only destroyed Title IX protections for women, but gave power back to those who like to stone women to death?

Speaking of the shrieking, spoiled mobs infecting our land – and for that matter, Taliban-friendly terrorists crossing our border …

House Bill Would Send Anti-Israeli Protesters to Gaza

House Republicans introduced a bill Wednesday that would sentence those convinced of unlawful activity on an American campus since October 7 to six months community service — in Gaza.

Said Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) “If you support a terrorist organization, and you participate in unlawful activity on campuses, you should get a taste of your own medicine. I am going to bet that these pro-Hamas supporters wouldn’t last a day, but let’s give them the opportunity.”

House Speaker Unveils Bill to Ban Noncitizens From Voting

With millions of illegal immigrants pouring over the border, amid fears they are being utilized to illegally get into the election system and more blue cities allowing noncitizens to vote, House Speaker Mike Johnson has introduced a bill to forbid noncitizens from voting in federal elections.

The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act would require individuals to prove citizenship before registering to vote. (It should be called the “Well, Duh Act.”) He calls the threat of illegal aliens and noncitizens voting a “clear and present danger to the integrity of our election system.” Right now, people must swear to be citizens and provide a driver’s license or Social Security number so their identities can be verified. But with the government handing out documents like Halloween candy, the system is easily gamed.

Speaking of Speaker Johnson, he survived Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s efforts to oust him through a vote to vacate his leadership position. Not only did  Democrats offer Johnson support, former President Donald Trump — while showing the love for MTG — urged Republicans to focus on defeating the Democrats and leave Johnson be for now.

Biden Creates New Story About Packers, Likely Reads Teleprompter Instruction Again

Biden’s CNN interview wasn’t his only big moment of the day. Earlier in the day, he again blended reality and fantasy during a public appearance in Wisconsin. Fortunately, no one became the blue plate special for cannibals in his tall tale, but it did demonstrate why his campaign is having him skip normal speeches and events in favor of short remarks and videos.

Biden did what he often does: Told a personal story to ingratiate himself with his audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. If he’s talking to Eskimos, he’ll insist his house that burned down was an igloo. That’s how we got him going to Jewish schools while he was growing up in Puerto Rican neighborhoods with oil from a local refinery so thick on his windshield that he later got cancer and Professor Plumb in the library.

In this case, Biden shared, “My theology professor at the Catholic school I went to was a guy named Reilly — last name — and he had been drafted by the Green Bay Packers. And he decided to become a priest before that, so he didn’t go. But every single solitary Monday that Green Bay won, we got the last period of the day off.”

(The Packers must have won a lot and final period must have been civics class, because Biden seems to have no grasp of the Constitution’s separation of powers. But I digress.)

One problem. The New York Post and others quickly discovered that the Packers have only drafted one person named Reilly in their illustrious history: University of Colorado quarterback Maurice “Tex” Reilly, back in 1947. That would be long before Biden was in school. And Reilly didn’t become Father Tex at a Catholic school. He re-enlisted in the Air Force and became Major General Reilly. (Slightly different uniform.)

Another problem: Biden has told this Packer story before, Outkick reported. Except in that telling, it wasn’t his theology professor, but the school headmaster who was a huge Packer fan who’d give students the last period off if the Packers won. 

Why am I telling this story? Perhaps it’s because a president losing his grasp on reality, whether he’s talking about phantom draft picks or the economy being in boffo shape, is dangerous. Or perhaps it’s because I’m a Commanders fan, who for the first time in ages can smile when someone talks about the NFL draft. 

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