‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Reveals What Would Ignite ‘Revival, Shatter Darkness’

Willie Robertson and his family are known for sparking laughs, but the “Duck Dynasty” star, his parents, and siblings have also spent much time sharing their faith and inspiring the masses.

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Robertson, who is set to release his new book, Gospeler: Turning Darkness into Light One Conversation at a Time,” is on a mission to encourage people to share their faith in Jesus.

“[I] felt like God had a message right now … and that’s always been on my heart,” Robertson told CBN News of his reasons for writing the book. “And, obviously, that was impacted by my father [Phil Robertson] sharing his faith a lot.”

The Robertsons’ story has been told in books and, most recently, through the powerful feature film “The Blind,” a drama recounting Phil Robertson’s journey from alcohol and chaos to Christ.

Robertson said his father’s conversion to Christianity decades ago forever changed the trajectory of his family, positing what would have happened had it never unfolded.

“Had that not happened — had mom and dad not found their faith — I would have grown up a completely different person,” he said. “I don’t even know that I would have faith.”

Watch Robertson explain:

Robertson continued, “There would have been no company Duck Commander, there would have been no ‘Duck Dynasty.’”

But because one man shared his Christian beliefs with Phil Robertson, a chain reaction was started — one in which the entire Robertson family found Jesus and then, in turn, has spent more than a decade sharing God through entertainment, books, movies, and more.

“One couple in Arkansas … found their faith, kept their family together, ended up 50 years later, in some way, spreading the Gospel message, whether through the prayer at the end of the show, the movie, the podcast,” Robertson said, noting the legacy carries on to the next generation through his daughter, Sadie, and others who are working through additional channels to share their faith. “It’s pretty amazing if you think about it. It just lets me know … you never know what God has in store.”

Robertson said he can’t imagine what life would have looked like had someone not stepped out in boldness to share faith with his dad. This experience inspires his journey now as he looks to help Christians to do the same with those they encounter.

“The Great Commission was a call to everyone,” he said. “In whatever way that you can do it.”

Robertson said the impact of sharing faith cannot be overstated, but it’s not just about impacting other people’s lives; he said it can also inspire the believers who engage.

At its core, evangelism shows a deep love for others.

“You can’t care about just about yourself, because you’re having to think about someone else,” he said. “You’ll naturally be perhaps hospitable because you invite people around you in your circle, in your community, because you want to share with them. You will study the word of God because people ask you questions and you don’t want to have to call or get ahold of some pastor at 8 o’clock at night on a Friday night.”

In the end, living out the Great Commission, Robertson said, encourages Christians to know their Bible well, be prepared, and exercise love for others.

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