5 Prayers for Those Missing Their Mother on Mother’s Day

5. A Prayer for Self-Compassion

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A prayer for compassion is a fifth prayer for those missing their mothers on Mother’s Day. It can be hard to cultivate self-compassion when you are always at war with yourself. Thoughts such as, “I should’ve done something different” or “I could’ve prevented my mom from dying,” are going to get you nowhere. They will only cause you to play the “what if” game, which can go on for years.

Instead of questioning what you could have done differently, try to remember the good times you had with your mom. Reflect on the happiness, joy, and love of your mom. When you do this, you will be able to cultivate self-compassion. Your mother wouldn’t want you to be at odds with yourself. She would want you to blossom and bloom into the wonderful person that you are.

If you are struggling with self-compassion, try to go to the Lord in prayer. A sample prayer could be, “Dear Jesus, please help me to have self-compassion. I am not doing the best in this area. I keep feeling like I could have done something to prevent my mom from passing away. Please give me comfort and help me to develop self-compassion. I’m tired of always being mean to myself. I want to learn to be kind, gentle, and accept myself. Thank you, Lord. Amen.”

Yet again, you can be unique in your prayers and pray exactly what you need in the moment. Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday for many of us, but know that you are never alone. There are believers across the world who know what you are going through. Not only this, but rest in the peace that Jesus knows how you are feeling, too. One day, you will see your mom again and be reunited in Heaven.

Five prayers for those missing their mother on Mother’s Day are a prayer for solace, a prayer for loneliness, a prayer for the future, a prayer for grace, and a prayer for compassion.

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