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These are the headlines for today, Monday, May 13, 2024.

The Daily Wire exposed a widespread problem with official reporting on the number of children sexually abused in public schools. The Department of Education in 2004 found that 9.6% of schoolchildren were abused and the Defense of Freedom Institute found that the numbers have tripled since then, without significant government response or action. Lord Jesus, You warned that eternal justice awaits anyone who would harm a child. We pray that Americans would do something about the abuse of children in this nation. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Across the world, eyes are on Saudi Arabia. In an effort to build a utopia called the Line, the Saudi government has authorized and used lethal force to clear land for construction. A member of a local tribe protesting the project was fatally shot, according to a Saudi colonel who fled to the U.K. An estimated 40 people are in detention, with five on death row, some for publicly mourning the shooting victim. Lord, restrain the Saudi government, and prevent abuse and killing for the achievement of earthly goals.

Life continues to be in the news. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has signed a bill into law effectively defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in that state. This move follows a series of previous efforts to withdraw Medicaid reimbursements and other funding from abortion providers. As a result, nearly all abortions have been outlawed in Missouri, an action that’s being hailed as a major victory for the state’s pro-life movement. Father, thank You that unborn life is protected in Missouri. We pray that hearts would change about abortion across this nation.

Finally, the state of New York is suing pro-life group Heartbeat International and 11 crisis-pregnancy centers. Attorney General Letitia James is pushing for a court order to keep these centers from advertising abortion-pill reversal treatments, accusing them of spreading “false and misleading statements.” In response, a lawsuit has been filed against James by nonprofit legal group the Thomas More Society on behalf of Heartbeat International and the other centers, claiming that the state’s actions infringe on their constitutional rights. Lord, protect these pregnancy centers from legal attacks! We thank You for the work they are doing. We pray these things in the mighty name of Jesus.

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