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Perfectly Imperfect

By Mandi Polly

Mitchell CountyMandi Polly from Mitchell County, NC

“God always uses imperfect people in imperfect situations to accomplish His perfect will.” Pastor Rick Warren

Do you ever feel like you aren’t worthy enough to do God’s work? It can be daunting to tell your testimony or witness to a stranger. It is even harder when it is your own family or friends. I didn’t feel good enough when I felt led to write for the Blue Ridge Christian News. God gave me an unexpected opportunity that eventually made me feel this need to write. I love to write, but was I deserving enough to write about Jesus; the highest of highs, the King of all kings? And not just write about my thoughts but be vulnerable enough to put them out for others to read.

When I mentioned this to a friend, she asked what would make me feel good enough. I thought about her question. If I was a Biblical scholar or prayed for hours before writing, then would I believe I was good enough to do His work? No. I debated with myself and with God about writing the wrong thing or being judged that my words weren’t eloquent enough. The truth is that none of us are worthy enough to do His work. We all are sinners and destined to be condemned until He came to give up His life for us. We need to be humble and allow Him to work through us. In the end, I just asked the Lord to give me the words He wants me to share. If He brought me to this place and gave me the conviction to write, then He would guide me through it.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Paul tells us, “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” God will take our imperfections and make us usable. God knows that He can help others with their weaknesses through our own flaws.  Although we will never be perfect on this earth, we must give Him our weaknesses so others can see His strength.  We must always strive to be as much like Jesus as possible until one day we are made perfect through His sacrifice on the cross. If you know Jesus as your Savior, then one day you will be made perfect. If you don’t know Jesus personally, reach out to your Pastor or someone you know and ask them how to receive that peace and strength found only in Jesus Christ. No matter how unimportant you feel, you are worthy enough for Him to give His life for you.


Mandi Polly is a lifelong resident of Mitchell County.  She is a wife, mom to two daughters and a “Grandi ” to two of the sweetest grandkids. She and her family are members of Grassy Creek Baptist Church in Spruce Pine. She loves music and being creative.


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