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The cruelty of the people currently running our nation’s government in the name of abortion seems to know no bounds.

Today. pro-life activist Lauren Handy was sentenced to nearly FIVE YEARS in prison for peacefully protesting at a Washington, DC abortion mill in October 2020. (On the other hand, if she had burned down a pro-life center or church, the DOJ would have sent Stevie Wonder to look for her.)

Handy was prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice under the Federal FACE Act after she and a group of other pro-life supporters were arrested for blocking access to the Washington Surg-Clinic. Blocking access is only allowed if you are ANTIFA, BLM, are affiliated with the Democratic Party or want to exterminate Jews.  

Five years hard time, in addition to the months she’s already spent since being convicted last summer? That’s how important killing the unborn is to this regime. It is not only excessive, it is grotesque.

Martin Cannon, a lawyer for the Thomas More Society, which represents Handy said:

For her efforts to peacefully protect the lives of innocent preborn human beings, Ms. Handy deserves thanks, not a gut-wrenching prison sentence. We will vigorously pursue an appeal of Ms. Handy’s conviction and attack the root cause of this injustice, that is, the FACE Act — which we believe is unconstitutional and should never again be used to persecute peaceful pro-lifers.

Handy made news in 2022 when she took the remains of five aborted children from the back of that same Washington Surg-Clinic. According to LifeSiteNews, an initial examination indicated the children were the victims of infanticide and illegal partial-birth abortions. Demands for the DOJ and District of Columbia to investigate the babies’ deaths — dubbed “The DC Five” — have been rejected, and in February the DOJ advised DC to destroy the remains. ( In other words, what the rest of us would call “the evidence.”)

An abortionist who likely committed infanticide and late-term abortions is free as a bird, but the woman who tried to expose him gets five years in the slammer.

The V.P. Goes Street

Prosecuting those trying to expose the crimes of the abortion industry is nothing new to Biden #2, Kamala Harris. As California Attorney General, she led the charge to imprison David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby-organ-selling operation. (Check out Daleiden’s 2019 interview with The Stream’s John Zmirak to learn more about that.)

Meanwhile, Harris dropped the f-bomb the other day while talking to young minority voters, urging them to break down social barriers.

“We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open, sometimes they won’t, and you need to kick that f***** door down,” she said at a health care symposium for Asian American, native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander organizations. She laughed at her own vulgarity before continuing:

Here’s the thing about breaking down barriers. It does not mean that you start on one side of the barrier and end up on another. There’s breaking involved. And when you break things you get cut and you may bleed, and it is worth it every time.

She delivered these words as other young voters on campuses nationwide are literally vandalizing buildings, breaking things, and putting up barriers. But what would one expect from the lady who raised money to free the BLM rioters in Minneapolis? 

However, polls show young voters are turning away from both Harris and her boss. But who is the boss?

All this time we thought he worked for the Chinese, the Ukrainians, and the Mexican cartels.

Praise God: Churchgoers Stop Teen Gunman Who Burst in on First Holy Communion

St. Mary Magdalen Church in Abbeville, Louisiana was hosting a First Holy Communion Saturday morning for 60 children when a 16-year-old armed with a rifle tried to get into the service.

The suspect was entering through the back door, but churchgoers were able to block the entrance and subdue him. Thankfully, no one at the church was hurt in the incident.

You can see the livestream here.

Activists Do the Darndest Things

“Queers for Palestine” Block Disney World Traffic

 A group called “Queers for Palestine” blocked traffic trying to get to Disney World Sunday. Right next to them was a group called “Chickens for KFC.” Can you imagine anything that signals self-loathing more than throwing yourself in front of traffic to support people who’d be happy to toss you off buildings (and worse)?

The small group claimed Disney “supports genocide.” One angry father — no doubt crotchety after spending a day lugging kids around “The Happiest Place on Earth” — confronted the protesters, telling them, “You are losing people to your cause because of this! Think a little bit. You are causing people to actually hate you.”  

They responded in a loving fashion. (Not.)

If you think protesting Disney seems odd, how about protesting show dogs?

Climate Activists Get Thrown Out of Westminster Dog Show

Over the weekend, climate activists had to be dragged out of the Westminster Dog Show after seeking to disrupt it.

“No dogs on a dead planet,” the sign says. True, but on the other hand, there’d be no obnoxious climate activists either.

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