Innovative broadcasting: Worship Road Radio launches in Canada

A disruptive option for Christian radio — a digital ad-free community

VANCOUVER, Canada — Today, Worship Road Radio proudly announces its official launch, introducing a transformative digital platform for Christian worship music. Based in Vancouver, Canada Worship Road Radio is the first nationally accessible Christian radio station in Canada and is set to revolutionize the listener experience by offering an ad-free digital ecosystem.

A Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem for Enhanced User Engagement
Departing from traditional radio formats, Worship Road Radio eliminates the interruption of ads and frequent fundraising, providing a seamless worship music experience. Beyond just broadcasting, Worship Road Radio also offers each program as an on-demand playlist on Spotify and YouTube Music, facilitating a deeper engagement with the audience. This unique feature allows listeners to explore and reconnect with their favorite programs at their convenience, effectively merging live streaming with personalized digital playlists.

Disrupting Traditional Broadcasting with an Always-Accessible Ad-Free Model
Worship Road Radio’s unique digital ecosystem enhances listener engagement by offering multiple access points for its 24/7 live stream. Whether through smartphones, phone apps, tablets, laptops, radio aggregators like, or smart speakers (e.g., “Alexa, play Worship Road Radio“), the station ensures easy access to its ad-free content, making it the go-to source for worship music anytime, anywhere.

Breaking the Mold for More Music, More Emerging Artists, and Less Interruptions
Worship Road Radio distinguishes itself by offering a weekly song rotation that features over 125% more tracks than conventional Christian radio, directly addressing listener concerns about repetitive playlists. With its no-ad policy, which allows for 30% more music per hour, the station prominently features independent and emerging artists often ignored by traditional formats. Moreover, Worship Road Radio expands the definition of worship music beyond industry norms to include any song that inspires listeners to worship God. This broad and uninterrupted programming significantly enhances the listener experience, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection of music.

Visionary Leadership and Commitment
Founded by Scott Fehrenbacher, former CEO of the digital Christian platform and a leader in digital transformation of Christian higher education at Grand Canyon University, Worship Road Radio is more than just a radio station—it embodies a mission-driven movement. “Our goal is to forge the next digital generation of Christian radio, broadening accessibility and the diversity of music across Canada and North America,” said Fehrenbacher, who also has experience on the Gospel Music Association Board of Directors. “Worship is a unifying force within the Church, and through our platform, we aim to extend this unifying power of worship music to a broader audience.”

About Worship Road Radio 
Inspired by Matthew 7:14—”But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”—Worship Road Radio is a pioneering non-profit initiative based in Vancouver, Canada. Operated by the Worship Road Radio Foundation, our mission is to offer an unparalleled worship music experience, free from commercial interruptions and fundraising campaigns. As Canada’s first national Christian radio broadcaster, Worship Road Radio strives to connect Christ followers and worship music enthusiasts from coast to coast. Relying solely on a classic non-profit sponsorship model, we serve as a digital sanctuary, immersing listeners in the unifying power of worship music and fostering a more engaged, expansive worship community.

Join the Movement
Whether you are in Canada or not, to discover the future of Christian worship music and for more information about Worship Road Radio, visit Follow us on Spotify and YouTube Music to engage with our diverse playlists and join a community that celebrates worship without boundaries.


Scott Fehrenbacher
Worship Road Radio Foundation
[email protected]

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