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Is there a fascinating prophetic connection between Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels and the Kentucky Derby?

Grace says there is spiritual significance lurking behind the meaning of Daniels’ name.

“Stormy is of British origin. It means storm or tempest,” Grace says. “Daniels [means] God is my judge. So, her name really means if we put it together, a tempest or witch priestess whom God will judge.”

“A horse by the name of Mystik Dan wins this race,” Grace says.

Grace relates the mystic element of ‘Stormy’ as a tempest back to the name of ‘Mystik’ and Daniels with Dan as the tribe of Dan was judged by God for idolatry. She also points out that Daniels is into the use of tarot cards.

So, how does all this connect back to a former president?

“The pants over the wound on the leg represents a coverup, trying to coverup a wound, trying to keep it from coming out, trying to keep those from seeing the ugliness of it all,” Grace says. “This is a Jacob moment. Jacob wrestling with the Lord and the angel of the Lord.”

“Trump is being humbled,” she added. “The Lord wants to help him, and his mouth to a degree is actually working against him for what the Lord is trying to accomplish. So, the Lord has allowed his mouth to be bridled right now.”

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