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(LifeSiteNews) — You’re offended? Me too.

And we can both live with it. It’s not so bad, especially if we are expected to be “diverse.”

You can spare me the sign-off of your signature that might go “he/him” or “she/her” or “they/them.” I am not familiar with all the jargon, and I don’t want to be. I can think for myself.

Open-mindedness is good, but at some time, the jury must weigh the evidence and close their minds, and thus deliver a verdict. And, beyond a reasonable doubt, “tolerance” has become intolerable. You cannot help the Mad by becoming Mad yourself. I know you are doing it in order to be respectful of human dignity, but did you ever consider that you are doing just the opposite?

Most people don’t believe that there are 127 different flavors of gender identity, and look upon this as conditioning and indoctrination. It’s offensive that you expect us to play along with a new Madness that certainly will not last much longer. It is a Madness that will draw head-wagging and self-righteousness from future generations. They will ask, “How could an advanced, sophisticated culture, apparently devoted to science, have been so… unscientific? And become such ghouls, mutilating children under the guise of a false compassion?”

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Now, you may decide that you will just plow ahead and do things your own way, which is fine. But then, so will I. If the politically-correct sign-offs continue, expect a reply. And I want to also encourage those who are not Mad to begin their resistance by doing the same thing. It will help the Mad return to their senses. It is truly more compassionate than pandering to it.

Madness is not insanity. Madness is temporary. You do not remain “madly in love” forever. It usually turns into something far more profound. You might go “mad” at a sporting event, perhaps loathing the officials or celebrating an unexpected victory, but when you walk outside of the venue, you will return to normal.

Mob mentality also causes Madness. You are reinforced with emotional support with what is an unusual, artificial anger. When the mob disperses, and if you are lucky enough to escape arrest, you will soon return to normal when you get home or to your safe-house.

Years later, you may wonder about your preposterous selfishness, childishness, and madness. You will not ruminate with nostalgia on what you did, but instead will relegate it to a memory hole or to a youthful indiscretion.

A few of you will write books, admitting that what you once advocated was mad. It will join the ranks of the many ex-communists, fascists, socialists, feminists, and abortionists who have come clean for the sake of awakening future generations to the endless and myriad satanic tricks that humanity is susceptible to.

But as long as time exists, humanity’s fallen nature will persist. “We learn from history that man does not learn from history.” New madnesses, never dreamed of, may come to the fore: perhaps houses of bestiality, transhumanism, cannibal restaurants, mass suicides, vast scales of human sacrifices that would make an Aztec blush.

But there is a way out. If we cannot agree on religion, we can agree on the natural law, for which all cultures give at least lip-service.

How can we determine natural law? Well, is homosexuality natural? That is answered by the appearance of our anatomy at birth. Human sacrifice? Disjointed family relationships? Extermination of children? Theft? Lying?

These things are not rooted in nature, they are… un-natural. Everyone admires those who have never told a lie, stolen the tiniest penny, remain faithful to their spouse, suffered through the raising of difficult children, nursed elderly parents, controlled their temper, possessed a humble heart, worshipped consistently and often.

The supernatural world exists, and is not within the domain of science. A war is going on, and our eternal destiny is the prize to be won. A tardy entrance into a war is unfortunate, but victory has already been won by the God who became man, and sacrificed Himself for our freedom.

He told us that the world would be offended by this truth, so have at it.

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